Friday, April 23, 2010

Durarara 14: Trouble, Trouble

Izaya's playing a game. Also, more on the slasher.

EPISODE 14: Public Unrest

The heat is on at Ikebukuro. The Slasher is really on a spree and the Dollars are being blamed for it. Even more alarming is that every time a slasher incident is reported, a new user by name of Saika appears at the Dollars chatroom, leaving disturbing messages. Meanwhile, Celty and Shinra come clean to Shingen about their relationship. Shingen's initial shock gives way to acceptance and much later to the truth about how Shingen was responsible for stealing Celty's head and giving it to Yagiri Pharmaceuticals. But before Celty could find out more about this, Shingen cleverly distracts her and escapes. Celty then runs into Mikado, who shares to her his worries about current street politics. Celty also runs into Shizuo who gets livid after hearing that she, too, was attacked by the slasher but she stops him before he could get into a killing spree of his own. Celty instead drops by Izaya's office for some information and Izaya tells her about the demon blade "Saika" that could possess a person, turning his eyes red and plunging him into a murderous rage. Later, Shingen himself shows up at Izaya's office with the help of Namie, whom he has held at gun point. To Namie's chagrin, however, the gun is only a toy and Shingen is his usual crafty, perceptive self. He easily figures out that Izaya is trying to create a war in order to awaken Celty's head. He advises Izaya to make a war that would involve the people in Celty's life, revealing as he did that he too has his own agenda, not over Celty's head but her body. Meanwhile, Anri is revealed to be alive and in danger of being sexually harassed by the predator teacher. Kida comes to the rescue and warns the teacher not to go too far or else Anri might transfer like Neikawa Haruna. They are later joined by Mikado and the three of them walk home together. After the trio separate, Kida sees more Yellow Scarves members and finally goes to visit the woman at the hospital. In another meanwhile, Shinra tells Celty that his father owned Saika, the sword, for a while but sold it to an antique dealer. He says that Shingen might have used it to sever Celty's soul from her head. As the episode draws to a close, the narrator tells us that Saika loves a girl who doesn't even know herself, this while showing to us a visual of Anri being stalked by the slasher.


Information overload but I'm curious how this all plays out. Anyone up for Shizuo x Celty? I know I am. XD