Saturday, May 8, 2010

House of Five Leaves 2-3

EPISODE 02: Make Love To Me
EPISODE 03: Gradually Get Him Involved

The House of Five Leaves: (left-right) Yaichi, Matsu, Otake, Akitsu, Okinu, Ume

Akitsu's life in Edo becomes more interesting as he gets more and more mixed up (often without his own volition) with Yaichi's gang of kidnappers and thieves. In a desperate attempt at keeping his life straight, Akitsu accepts a job as a day laborer but he sucks at it so much that his boss ends up doing the work for him. Pretty soon, he finds himself back in Ume's shop in order to freeload some more from Yaichi. While there, he meets Matsu, the fifth member of the gang, although he doesn't know it yet and gets a most unexpected and welcome job as a bodyguard for a rich rice merchant.

Yaichi's motive in getting Akitsu involved is pretty hazy at the moment. Even his gang members are puzzled by his action, but Yaichi explains himself away by saying that Akitsu is an interesting fellow. To be sure, Akitsu's personality quirks makes him a walking entertainment but hardly anyone that would catch the attention of someone like Yaichi. I'm guessing there's some deeper motive here that's going to be revealed later on and make things complicated for our group of wayward friends.

House of Five Leaves is only 12 episodes long. Considering that length, I don't think the plot is going to get too complicated. I guess the thing that needs to be solved is Yaichi's connection with that child Seinoshin. I'm pretty sure they're the same person. Moreover, in Episode 3, we get a huge clue how Seinoshin's life turned from bad to worse.


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