Saturday, June 12, 2010

Durarara 20-22: Friends and Enemies

EPISODE 20: The Yellow Sky Rises
Kida meets with Kadota's gang at Russia Sushi in order to find out who the leader of Dollars is. But when Kida brings up the Blue Scarves, Walker and Erika both tell him to forget the group or the incident with Saki ever existed. Kadota eventually gives Kida Izaya's number, saying that he (Izaya) knows who the Dollars' boss is. Kida, thus, drops by Izaya's office once more and with little persuasion, Izaya tells him that Mikado is the Dollars' boss. Meanwhile, now that Anri knows Kida's real identity as the General of the Yellow Scarves, she increasingly becomes uneasy around him. Mikado also deals with his own problem as a member of Dollars, his own classmate, is beaten by Yellow Scarves, against Kida's express orders.

EPISODE 21: At A Total Loss
Mikado visits the injured Dollars member (also his classmate) at the hospital. The guy tells him that he's quitting the Dollars, which sentiment is echoed by a lot of the group's members. Anri decides to do something about the beatings that the Yellow Scarves are committing against the Dollars. Through Saika, she controls some of the Yellow Scarves' members into turning against their group. But instead of turning the Yellow Scarves against each other, the group becomes even more convinced now that the Dollars are behind all of it. They also suspect that Anri is involved. Despite Kida's order not to do anything, Horoda has the Yellow Scarves go after Anri.

EPISODE 22: Dissolution Declaration
Mikado learns about Anri's plight through the Dollars' website and orders everyone to help her out. Just like before the Dollars come together in order to do some good. Still, Kida finds Anri and confronts her about her real identity. Anri slaps him and leaves but is later found by Horoda and the other Yellow Scarves. Good thing Shizuo arrives at the place just in time to give Horoda the beating of his life. Celty soon follows and takes Anri back to Shinra's apartment. After that incident, Kida no longer appears at the Yellow Scarves meeting and Horoda becomes the de facto leader. The random attacks against Dollars members get worse, culminating in Shizuo getting shot, and everyone is talking about retaliation by numbers. But Mikado has other ideas: he declares that the Dollars should disappear.


What an interesting turn. With the Dollars disbanded, Izaya's elaborate plan of causing a gang war is all going zilt. Something which he shouldn't appreciate and yet I wonder if he has another ace up his sleeve. He certainly did not seem too concerned when he got Mikado's declaration of dissolution. 
And, oh no! Shizzy-chan is down! Celty, you have to rescue him. Also, does that scene in Episode 22 mean that Anri actually likes Kida? Was that what Kida meant with what he said about Anri and Mikado? Or I'm just fantasizing again. Only, I don't particularly relish a Kida x Anri pairing, although I don't have any real complaints about them.