Friday, July 2, 2010

Final Thoughts: Durarara!! 23-24

EPISODE 23: Complications and Complications

After discovering Anri's identity as the Slasher and Mikado's as the founder of the Dollars, Kida becomes resentful of his friends. He runs back to the Yellow Scarves headquarters only to have them turn against him when Horoda reveals Kida's friendship with Anri and Mikado. Horoda and his cronies then reveal that they were in fact former Blue Squares and Kida's sworn enemies. Meanwhile, Celty tells Mikado the truth about Kida and Anri's identities and convinces him that disbanding the Dollars is not a solution. Back in Shinra's flat, he gets a most unexpected visitor in the form of a bloodied, badly wounded Shizuo, who claims not to remember what happened except that a man named Kida Masaomi is responsible. While Shinra treats him, Shizuo mutters his plan of killing Kida. Anri, who is crashing at the place, overhears this and quickly heads out, looking for Kida. Speaking of which, at the Yellow Scarves headquarters, Kida goes head to head against Horoda's cronies and gets beaten up pretty badly. Horoda then takes out his gun, preparing to shoot him when one of Horoda's pals, a child of Saika, stops him. At that moment, Anri bursts into the place, followed by Mikado and Celty on a motorcycle.

EPISODE 24: One with Heaven, Out with the Self

With the sudden arrival of Mikado, Celty and Anri, Horoda's cronies are distracted enough to enable Kadota and his gang to reveal themselves. All along they've been disguising themselves as Blue Squares/Yellow Scarves but when the opportunity presents itself, they immediately turn on Horoda and his cronies, resulting in a mad gang brawl. Mikado and Anri take the injured Kida to the hospital while Celty chases after Horoda and his main gang who manage to escape. However, before they could get too far, Shizuo appears in the middle of the road, carrying a sign post. In revenge for nearly killing him, Shizuo takes a swipe at Horoda's car, chopping off the roof completely. Then the Tokyo traffic police gets wind of the situation and goes after Horoda and his main gang. Meanwhile, Anri confronts Izaya near the hospital, attempting to kill him for being the cause of all their troubles, but Izaya escapes her clutches, declaring that he's no ordinary guy if he can go up against someone like Shizuo. However, on his way home, Izaya gets a punch from Simon, who heard about what happened from Saki and points out that Izaya's bullshit about loving humans is just his Shizuo complex talking. Back in the hospital, Saki visits Kida in his room and the two end up confessing their love for each other. A few days later, Saki and Kida leave Ikebukuro together with only a note to their friends. Dollars is reborn and there's a new visitor in the chatroom, whom Mikado believes to be Kida. The series ends with shots of Kida and Saki on a train going somewhere and Mikado and Anri on the rooftop of their school, united in their belief that Kida will come back.


In my first impressions of this series, I really thought that Durarara!! is going to be a bit like its predecessor, Baccano! In some aspects, I was right. The story treatment is definitely the same. Kinda slice of life, random happenings, influences from the criminal underworld, that sort of thing. Add to that an intriguing cast with sufficiently varied personalities. Make
Durarara!! a wildly entertaining and immensely interesting story. However, I stand by my previous statement that Durarara!! is better enjoyed if watched on a marathon.