Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Highschool of the Dead 04: There's no helping it

ACT 04: Running from the Dead

So we've got Takashi and Rei on their motorcycle, running all over Tokyo, and while they're doing that, the series decides to recap the last three episodes in a pointless attempt to make sure that we're all on the same page. Uhm, it's only been three episodes guys. Four, if you can't this one.

Previously, we've met Shido, the scheming jerk teacher who's appointed himself the leader of the ragtag group of students that Takashi picked up while he and his new buddies tried to make it out of school alive. Rei, however, didn't like the dude and Busujima-senpai ♥ is starting to see why.
not enough Busujima-senpai ♥ this episode but that look will sustain for at least another week

Meanwhile, Takashi and Rei cruise around the city and discover that almost every place is deserted. That means that the survivors have probably made it out somehow. Or, they've all been killed and turned to 'them.' Either way, it's not a good idea to stay around for too long. So after snagging a gun and some bullets from two dead cops, the two head out but have to stop first to get some gas. The name of the gas station is SHAUN. lolwut

The station turns out to be self-service but Takashi only has 30 yen in his pockets. Rei accuses him of being the worst, which of course prompts Takashi to blurt out his insecurity, saying that he's not as good as Hisashi. Damn if this guy isn't becoming "he whose name cannot be mentioned." The very sound of his name brings back really bad memories for both Takashi and Rei. Anyway, long story short, Rei doesn't have money either so Takashi goes into the convenience store to steal some cash from the cash register. While he's not looking, a punk with braces (lolwut) sneaks behind Rei and threatens her with a knife.
BRACES?! Talk about losing street cred

The horror of seeing his entire family get eaten by "them" has pushed the punk over the edge. All moral compunctions are gone. Now, all he wants is a nice piece in this suddenly apocalyptic world. This doesn't sit too well with Takashi. A tense little hostage crisis follows but Takashi has yet to reveal the ace up his sleeve: the gun he took from that dead cop. So when the first opportunity presents itself, Takashi runs towards the punk and shoots him. It's not a lethal shot but it might as well have been because the noise of the gunshot has attracted "their" attention. With more of "them" heading towards the station, Takashi and Rei hurry out of there, leaving behind the wounded, desperate punk.
no help comin'

On the road once more, Takashi muses that it's only been a day since the apocalypse but already, he has killed a man.

Well, that was...boring. But also an interesting end. Mmmmno. Still boring.