Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Occult Academy 05-06

While these two episodes of Occult Academy focuses on the occult-crazed Kozue, this apparent focal point proves nothing more than a setting for revealing Fumiaki's character, and as a result of which, Maya gains some much needed perspective. So Maya isn't the only one who's had an unhappy childhood. It seems Fumiaki had it bad, too, what with his child-star fame and his mother growing to become the typical, tyrannical stage mother. It comes as no surprise then that Fumiaki lost his psychic abilities. But I have a theory that maybe he's just repressing the ability somehow as a reaction to his mother's increasingly abusive ways, which makes Fumiaki kind of like a sleeping dragon. On the other hand, I think Occult Academy shows real gumption for pointing out the suspicions of viewers (just myself actually, I don't know about the others) that Maya's intense annoyance over Fumiaki's cowardly ways might just be a cover for a growing attraction felt towards him. After all, Maya fits the tsundere description and so far all we've been show is her tsun-tsun side. The dere-dere remains latent but heavily hinted at. However, in the end, I don't really know whether the show is going to take that angle, and at this point, I don't care. Romance isn't really a theme for this show and what little romance it has is there only as a joke -- e.g. the vice-principal's infatuation with the extremely reluctant Fumiaki.

Occult Academy is now at halfway point but we're still nowhere close to finding the Nostradamus' Key. Not even a clue. But the end of the last episode shows Maya deciding to work with Fumiaki on more equal terms so maybe the next episode will actually show them looking for the key. But until then....