Saturday, August 28, 2010

Occult Academy 07-08: Slaps all around

So we finally meet Ami's father, who turns out to be that big guy who's always shouting at his workers, which include Smile and JK. But as is usual with Occult Academy, his introduction is just an excuse for even more of Maya's background to get revealed and the ongoing search for the Nostradamus Key. This time, we're faced with crop circles and dead cows. Maya thinks this might be another clue and gets Fumiaki to check out the site where the crop circles were found. Meanwhile, Ami's dad is worried that Maya isn't acting like the Maya he used to know -- i.e. someone who's just crazy over the occult. So he gets a bright idea and decides to implement it with the help of Smile and JK. Back in the field, Maya and Fumiaki encounter an alien spaceship and go chasing after it. Ami, Ami's dad and Kozue arrive just in time to lend them a hand, only for Maya to discover that the alien spaceship and the alien is merely a trick played by Ami's dad. In the heat of anger, Maya badmouths Ami's dad, leading Ami to slap Maya, which in turn leads Ami's dad to slap Ami. The episode ends with Ami running away in tears.

Ami and Maya don't make up right away and school becomes a very awkward place for a while for the two former friends. Ami later proposes to meet up with Maya at a shrine. Before going there, Maya checks out the dead cow incident with Fumiaki where she discovers two puncture wounds on the carcasses. Later, she remembers her appointment with Ami and makes a run for it. Thankfully, Ami and Kozue haven't left yet. As Ami and Maya start to confront each other, Kozue shouts for them not to fight any longer, then suggests that they all sit down and have cold drinks. With this in mind, she volunteers to buy the drinks, only to return seconds later, screaming like the hounds of hell are after her. Before either Maya or Ami could react, a huge monster appears and takes Ami away. Later, the rescue team composed of Maya, Ami's dad, Smile, JK, Kozue and, as a last-minute addition Fumiaki, comes to the monsters' lair where Maya identifies the monsters as chupacabra, which suck the blood out of its victims. Ami is rescued and Maya and her finally make up.

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