Wednesday, February 2, 2011

FIRST LOOK: Beelzebub, Kimi ni Todoke Second Season, Wolverine, Hourou Musuko

 Beelzebub (1-3)

There are some funny moments, mostly involving a certain inter-dimensional transport demon, whose sexuality is kind of "up there"  but the rest are mostly reused gags. The main guy getting electrocuted every time the baby gets upset in some way is funny at first but quickly grows old. Not even the addition of cool, blond babe who can kick ass can help the show. If you ask me, they should have made an entire show around the aforementioned transport demon. That would have been funnier and far likely to make me stick around. But as it is, this show is dropped.

 Kimi ni Todoke Second Season (00-03)

I can't believe, after everything that happened in the first season, Sawako and Shouta are still at it. I mean, they didn't they sort of become a couple? Whaaaaattt!? You mean I just imagined the whole thing. Well, fuck. That just pisses me off. Anyhoo, I'm watching this for the side character pairings: Chizu x Ryu and Ayane x Pin (ew?) and maybe Umezawa x new kid in the block

 Wolverine (1-3)

Wolverine is one of my most anticipated series ever since the first trailer came out on YouTube. I heard about Wolverine even before I even learned that Marvel and Madhouse are also teaming up for Ironman. And Ironman actually came earlier than Wolverine and, happy camper that I am, I was on the front seat for that first collab between two of the biggest names in the comic and animation industry. Oh, but woe! Ironman was bad. And it wasn't bad in a good way (because that can sometimes happen), it was bad in that "I just want to chop people's heads off that's how much it pissed me off" bad. So I got burned early and was thus hesitant to plunge into the Wolverine pool. My apprehension was not without basis but I'd be the first to admit that I enjoyed the first three episodes of the series and actually found myself looking forward to the next ones. Yay! What a huge relief.

Wandering Son (1-3)

This title is not included in my shortlist of anime series to watch this season. But, oh boy, did Wandering Son take me by surprise. It's a character-piece told from the perspective of two main characters who may or may be in love with each other. The catch? The boy wants to be a girl. The girl wants to be a boy. The art style is gorgeous -- not overly detailed, the lines are soft and round and the colors are just beautiful and gentle. Even the BGM is great -- unintrusive, classic and sublime. "Claire de Lune" is often played at key points.

Part 2 of First Look coming soon.