Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mid-Season Round-Up: C is for what?

 C: The Money of Soul and Possibility of Control (4-6)

Uhhhhh.... I don't understand this show. I thought I was beginning to enjoy it because for a minute there, it seemed like it was going to delve into the psychology of the characters. Psychology with a financial twist!

But eh, I was gravely wrong. Besides, I'm never that into psychological whatchamacallits. That's jute's area, not mine. I like my anime simple but interesting, light-hearted yet story-heavy, action-packed but also dramatic, funny but with serious elements. In short, I don't like heavy doses of anything. It will kill me.

C didn't actually kill me though but if I were to continue exposing myself to all its financial mumbo-jumbo there's a very big possibility -- nay, there is certainty -- that I will just drop dead in front of my monitor.

I'm not saying the show is bad. I'm sure it has its audiences and I can't really fault the production or the execution of the idea for its story. It's just that C strikes me as a very stubbornly niche series and I just can't get on the wagon for it.

Sorry again, noitaminA. Like Hourou Musuko before it, I'm dropping this one, too.