Saturday, July 2, 2011

Claymore 116: The Organization strikes back!

go ahead and read whatever you want into that ;p
 Miria and her harem are still struggling against the abyssal eaters when the Organization unleashes another menace to stomp down the rebellion once and for all. Dae's experimental warriors -- the three resurrected number ones -- are released into the hapless warriors who are aware of the danger only too late. In barely a minute, almost all of Miria's group gets entirely massacred, save for Audrey's team and the Phantom herself. But for how long? Especially since these warriors are no ordinary Claymores -- they were exceptionally strong number ones who had to be put down brutally before they awakened.

One of them, Hysteria the Elegant, uses the same principle in her technique as Miria's phantom steps but her accuracy is of an entirely different level. It looks like Miria's going to have to give it her all just to stop her in her tracks. Meanwhile, the other two number ones are occupied with Audrey's team and with the trainee-twins. However, it seems that the Organization don't know exactly what they have unleashed. These number ones don't seem to have any memories of their past lives, but one of them, at least, is starting to remember and it doesn't look good for either side.
this could be the fight of her life...again

Ok, so who here thinks that the Miria x Hysteria fight is freakin' hot? I mean, Claymore is probably as un-yuri as they come but that cap I showed above can give people ideas. :) Anyhoo, god I hope Deneve's group gets to them soon because Miria is going to need all the help she can get. Also, what happened to the abyssal eaters? Suddenly, they're gone. Did the three resurrecteds kill them as well? If so, that was convenient.

Yagi-sensei, please don't kill my Miria. I don't think I can stand another death scene of hers a second time.