Saturday, October 8, 2011

Claymore 119: Remember that time when I killed you?

We're still in the Organization's headquarters where Dae had let loose his three resurrected beings against Miria's harem2. Picking up from last chapter, Miria's strategy of half-awakening in order to increase the speed of phantom step seems to be working against Hysteria the Elegant but at the expense of her own strength. Every time she comes up against Hysteria, both of their bodies suffer almost the same level of damage. At the rate they are going, it's a war of attrition -- only the toughest can survive. Meanwhile, Roxanne notices that someone is messing with her movements and vision so that what should have been an easy win for her against the twin trainees is becoming an annoying battle. However, even while she is busy fending off the twins' attacks, she still watches Cassandra, who has just about finished off Aubrey and co. But all is not well on Cassandra's end as she begins to remember her death and who is to blame for it. This recollection may prove to be fatal for all concerned but Dae doesn't seem surprised. Could it be that he planned for this all along?

This is getting to be very interesting. Miria's fighting a desperate battle but so far it's working. And an awakening Cassandra is an unexpected development. I'm hoping that next chapter would have Deneve and co. arriving to join the fray. It's gonna be awesome!