Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another 2-3: What doesn't exist

This show is a little slow, so for those people who can't stand shows like that, steer clear from Another. However, if you're a horror-mystery fan and don't mind the mystery aspect being stretched for all its worth, then this show is for you.

Episode 2 has Koichi interacting more with his classmates. His classmates are still ignoring Mei, which leads him to wonder more about Mei. He finds himself thinking back on the day he first met her at the hospital. Soon enough, he calls the nurse who attended to him while he was a patient there and asks whether she'd seen Mei around. Describing her as a girl about his age with an eye-patch is hard to miss but the nurse hasn't seen her. Next, Koichi asks after the patient that Mei was supposedly visiting that day. The nurse calls him back a couple of days later to tell him that the said patient, whose name could be 'Misaki' or 'Masaki' had died. That afternoon, Koichi secretly follows Mei and ends up at a doll shop. At the shop's basement, Mei appears and the two of them talk for a while about said dolls. Then, Mei suddenly decides to show Koichi what is under her eye-patch.

Mei's eye-patch hides a false eye -- a doll's eye. She says that she can see "things" with said eye, which is why she keeps it covered. Koichi next asks why one of the dolls bear an uncanny resemblance to Mei, to which Mei responds with a non-answer: dolls are hollow, body and soul, before she urges him to continue their conversation upstairs where they would be more comfortable. There, Mei starts to tell Koichi the story of Class 3 26 years ago -- how a student named Misaki died and how the whole class pretended that she was still alive until graduation. Mei adds that in the class' graduation photo, the dead student appeared. Mei is about to tell him the rest of the story when Koichi gets a call from his grandmother. That evening, Koichi learns from his aunt Reiko that his mother had been a member of Class 3 26 years ago. In the next couple of days, Koichi gets warned by his classmates to stay away from something that doesn't exist. He also gets a call from the nurse who tells him that the girl who died is actually Mei's cousin, who is also called Misaki. During exam day, Mei reveals that Koichi that he is the only who can see her and that she doesn't really exist. Then, one of Koichi's classmates comes out of class in a hurry and is shocked to see Koichi in the hallway with Mei.  She turns around but in her hurry, she slips and falls down the stairs, impaling herself on the neck with her umbrella.

I have to say that death scene took me by complete surprise. Finally, we're back to that super creepy first scene of episode 1, at least in the horror factor. Granted, that wasn't creepy -- it was more disgusting than creepy. What is scary, however, is what this could mean for the entire plot. Is there some sort of curse on Class 3? Already answered. What sort of curse? Misaki has probably turned into vengeful spirit because of what the original class 3 did, which prevented her from passing, and now she's systematically killing everyone in class 3. But who is Mei exactly? She doesn't seem vengeful to me. In fact, she seems very patient towards Koichi.

VERDICT: watching

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