Friday, January 27, 2012

Chihaya Furu 15: When dreams become real

As I expected, Chihaya didn't win her match against Shinobu, the queen. That is just as well. If she had the won the match, we'd be heading for the denouement in the story already. At least this way, Chihaya has plenty of room to develop. Besides, she needs a strong opponent in order to become good enough to beat Arata in a match.

But this episode wasn't just about Chihaya actually. It's about Taichi, too -- his gradual realization that karuta may be a worthwhile pursuit after all as for the first time he feels the pain of defeat.

In the end, the Mizusawa team won not one of the matches, group or otherwise, but they come back from the tournament with an even stronger determination to be better.