Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Another 4: Elevator ham sandwich

The voice-overs of two school kids gossiping tell us that Koichi's classmate wasn't the only death last episode. That very classmate's mother also died in a freak accident on the same day. Moreover, if one counts the heretofore unmentioned death that supposedly occurred in May, they're not the first deaths either.

Everybody in Koichi's class is scared witless and, as a result, they alienate Koichi, seemingly blaming him for what happened -- for "breaking the rules." This isn't the first time these so-called rules are mentioned, as in fact the episode is quick to remind us when Koichi talks with his aunt Reiko, who herself was in Class 3 and who, in Episode 1, had advised Koichi to "follow the class rules." So, what are these rules? It may or may not have anything to do with "messing with things that doesn't exist" -- i.e. Misaki Mei. Speaking of which, the nurse who has become something like Koichi's friend, learns the hard way just what happens if you mess up with these nonexistent things.

The third death. And we're still far from knowing exactly what the hell is going on.

More screencaps from episode 4: