Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chihaya Furu 20: He's back!

It's down to the last major tournament before the master/queen qualifier, but Chihaya is forced to sit this one out since she has a major exam the day after said tournament. Her coach appoints Desktomu-kun to tutor her as well as Porky. Honor student Taichi, on the other hand, can afford to play and he goes to the tournament without his team and with only Harada-sensei and another player from the Shironami Society for company. He starts off well but, after meeting Arata in the same tournament and receiving his cellphone number for Chihaya, he gets too distracted and loses the match. Meanwhile, Chihaya finds a way to escape from the library and see Taichi's match. She arrives only to find Taichi, sitting by himself, having just lost his match. He tells her that Arata is back and just the mention of his name sends Chihaya to the tatami room, already forgetting that she is supposed to be supporting Taichi. After a tense game, Arata loses but only because he hasn't played karuta in eight months. Watching him, Chihaya realizes that the old Arata, her childhood friend, is back. Taichi realizes this as well after he puts aside his feelings of jealousy. Afterwards, Taichi returns Arata's number, saying that he should give it to Chihaya himself. Arata admits that he has been gone for so long that he doesn't know if Taichi and Chihaya are a couple. Taichi says no but his face is very telling. Then Arata has to go. Chihaya has already gone ahead with Kana-chan so Taichi leaves with Harada-sensei and co. again. On their walk home, Harada-sensei offers to promote Taichi to Class A even though he hasn't won a match but Taichi refuses. Back in the library, Desktomu-kun tells Chihaya that she has to work on something she doesn't like so that she can have time to do what she loves.

more screencaps from episode 20: