Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Natsume Yuujin-chou Shi 10: Going against a god

The conclusion of the "harvest god" arc has Natsume still running around as Houdzuki. He even wins the contest with the help of Natori and Nyanko-sensei. Due to the wound she has sustained, Hiiragi is temporarily out of commission. No matter, Fudzuki finds out, however, that Natsume is an impostor and reveals the fact that he is human in front of all the youkai that have gathered for the festival. Nyanko-sensei, in his Madara form, bravely defends him, risking the possibility of being cursed for going against a god. Good thing that Natori arrives at that moment with the stone in which the real Houdzuki is sealed. As the seal is released, Natsume sees Houdzuki's memories and realizes that Houdzuki has been weakened by the lack of human devotion and worship to him, which is the reason why he is unable to break the seal that has been placed on him. In the end, both Fudzuki and Houdzuki decide to leave the mountain. And so two rival gods who have been battling each other for supremacy for centuries go out together as the closest of friends.


Well, that was...anti-climatic. Then again, this series is a master at anti-climatic endings, so I shouldn't really complain.And really, I'm not complaining. Just that, I thought this particular arc was a little lack-luster, despite Hiiragi.

more screencaps from episode 10: