Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Claymore 124: Phantom vs. Elegant

In this chapter, well, the plot hasn't been advanced. It's still Miria vs. Hysteria and Cassandra vs. Roxanne. Only now, Miria (at Deneve's behest) has abandoned her earlier plan of awakening in order to beat Hysteria at her own game and is instead planning to lure Hysteria in the middle of the battle between the other two abyssal ones. It looks like her plan is working, too, what with Miria taking the fight to the sky with the help of Anastasia's amazing hair while Helen attacks from the ground. But when Hysteria releases her outer shell and starts sprouting wings, things go rapidly south for our intrepid phantom.

Meanwhile, Cassandra and Roxanne are still at it and in the heat of battle, Cassandra thinks she has Roxanne's fighting technique figured out. It seems it takes Roxanne some time to regenerate her claws after each attack and with Cassandra dodging each attack with her dust-eating technique, Roxanne looks to be at a disadvantage. However, Roxanne surprises Cassandra by releasing three claws at once in order to broaden her attack coverage. Cassandra takes some damage and gets a foot planted on her face. But she can still taunt Roxanne, so that means she's not defeated yet.

Back with Miria, she's running out of hair threads to jump on but she's also so close to the Cassandra-Roxanne fight. Hysteria notices the same though she has yet to figure out Miria's real plan of getting Hysteria sliced up by the fangs and claws of the two. Meanwhile, Deneve rounds up the other warriors to help Miria by reinforcing the last of Anastasia's hair threads with their own yoki. A barely standing Dietrich helps along with Cynthia, who is the current group's strongest yoki-synchronizer. In the end, Hysteria has Miria trapped, with Cassandra and Roxanne right behind her, but Miria is also standing on the reinforced hair thread. Using this as a foothold, Miria launches into the air straight towards the fight between the abyssal ones just as Roxanne prepares to release her last three claws against Cassandra.

meh. But that's a really awesome action shot of Miria at the end.

What exactly is Miria hoping? Oh, I know. She's hoping that Hysteria gets killed by either Roxanne's or Cassandra's attacks. But a single attack, no matter if it comes from an abyssal one, would barely scratch another abyssal being like Hysteria. At worst, Hysteria will get cut but she can easily regenerate. Unless, of course, her real body gets cut. But that's a steep chance. And if she survives, which she most likely will, is Miria hoping that the three would just happily fight each other until they annihilate each other? And conveniently forget about her and the rest of her crew? What are the chances two of them will fight against one and end the fight right there, then turn on the warriors for lack of anything better to do? 

Dammit, where is Clair when you need her?