Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sakamichi no Apollon 9: Great Ball of Yarn!

Things come to a head in this episode of Sakamichi no Apollon. If you remember, last week Sen found out a few important things about his friends. His upperclassman crush, Yurika, is apparently getting with "big brother from another mother" Jun and his childhood best friend, Ritsuko, is apparently holding a secret flame for him. However, in this episode, we learn that Sen continues to misunderstand a few things. As it turns out, Ritsuko has finally realized that she doesn't really like Sen in that way but likes Kaoru instead. She shows her newly discovered affection in the form of a Christmas gift: a pair of winter gloves that she knitted herself. Meanwhile, despite the fact that Yurika had made an utter spectacle of herself with Jun, nothing really happened between them and the latter is skipping town again in favor of Tokyo where he has found a tentative means of livelihood. She escapes an arranged marriage meeting in order to see him off at the station but as soon as Jun finds out the future in store for her, he impulsively pulls her into the train just as it leaves the station. 

Is that end of their story? God, I hope so. They're annoying. If it had been Kaoru with Yurika that night, the boy would have wasted no time getting it on. LOL Jun, you should take some pointers from Kaoru on how to get a girl. You obviously need it. You're lucky Yurika is as messed up as she is. Else you wouldn't even come close. On the other hand, way to go, Kaoru! Ritsuko is yours. All you need to do now is figure it out before it's too late and the fickle girl changes her mind again and falls in with that fairy who fancies himself a rockstar.

more screencaps from episode 9:


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and falls in with that fairy who fancies himself a rockstar