Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jormungand 3: The Spy Who Killed Me

What I like about this show is that a story arc rarely ever extends past two or three episodes. So that story about R being a mole for the CIA? Resolved in this episode. And all that hype about Hex being maybe probably Koko's most dangerous foe? She dead. Koko bombed the hell out of her hideout in Afghanistan. Or at least, it looked like Afghanistan.

So basically, the story's like this: Hex is a member of a group of elite female soldiers who were trained in special ops. But the group got disbanded because the brass didn't like the idea of female super soldiers and instead put everyone, except Hex who was a rebel, behind a desk. Hex went on to become a terrorist-hunter and surprise, surprise, she considers arms dealers like Koko Hekmatyar little more than terrorists in sheep's clothing. Bookman, being one of the few people to discover Hex's value, recruited her to work on his pet project, Operation Undershaft, where she becomes so instrumental that Bookman considers her his "left arm" while R is his "right arm."

These two "arms" of his have different ideologies. It will never enter Hex's mind, for example, to work with a terrorist with the aim to achieving a greater good. No, Hex can't see the big picture while R is all about the big picture. Not to mention, he believes Koko isn't completely hopeless, a belief which he shares with Bookman.

Needless to say, Hex and R were never going to get along. You know what they say about two unstoppable forces. When they meet, things are bound to get destroyed. As it turns out, when Hex and R finally met, they had to take out each other. Only Hex succeeded. But she's living on borrowed life as it was only a matter of time before Koko found her and gave her a gift she would never forget.

Koko was obviously devastated, either from losing R or from learning about his betrayal. Maybe both. But Valmet is out of the hospital and Jonah is okay. So for now, all's well that ends well.