Friday, October 19, 2012

[Manga] Kimi ni Todoke 42

Eek! So it's finally happened. Kent x Ayane!

 Before this, I was a fan of Ayane x Pin because I don't know, so much subtext in the anime, but this is good, too.

 Wow, the progression of their relationship is better than Ryu x Chizu because those two, I'll never understand. It's clear Chizu is having feelings for Ryu but it's all mixed up with her BFF feelings for the guy, too, so girl's confused.

But Kent x Ayane, they don't have that history so it's much more clear-cut for them. I just hope Ayane returns Kent's feelings soon because in this chapter, it's only really Kent who's confessed his feelings and Ayane's just "Okay." :P