Friday, November 23, 2012

Psycho-Pass 6: Return of the Lunatic Prince

Kogami wakes up from a nightmare of finding his friend's mutilated dead body. Meanwhile, Akane tries to find out more about Kogami, first by asking Kagari, who doesn't really know much, and then Shion, who does know something. Apparently, while investigating a seemingly unconnected crime, Kogami, who was still an inspector at the time, lost one of his enforcers to a criminal. The criminal was fond of mutilating the bodies of his victims, stuffing them and then putting them on public display. The incident caused Kogami's crime coefficient index to spike to dangerous levels, prompting the bureau to demote him to enforcer.

In another meanwhile, Gino interrogates the drone plant criminal and finds out that someone else gave him the program to make the drone attack and kill his victims. This makes it two cases wherein someone else is enabling the criminals to execute their heinous acts. Kogami connects this to the unsolved case of Sasayama and posits the theory that the mastermind might be one and the same person.

At a girl's school, a troubled student gets ensnared by the beautiful and mysterious President of the Art Club, who mutilates her body into a work of "art" under the tutelage of the same white-haired guy involved with the avatar murders.

Shit just got scary. Mutilated bodies, grotesquerie as an art form. The psychotic mind scares me. And this in a Maria-sama ga Miteru setting of an all-girls school. Just think: Sachiko doing this to Yumi. I cannot even. Goddammit, show, why'd you have to give me this mental image of one of my most beloved anime series? LOL
Speaking of yuri, the show again makes a wink-wink, nudge-nudge reference to Shion and Yayoi's not-so platonic relationship. I mean, what is Yayoi doing even there? Just to eat cup noodles? I'm sure she can do that at the cafeteria or her own cubicle. Why at Shion's? Heh. Also, is it a coincidence that Yayoi is designed almost exactly as another Yayoi of another series? I can't be the only one making that connection.
On to more serious stuff. Who is the white-haired dude? He is obviously behind all this. And his photo also appears in Kogami's files of the Sasayama murder case. His mysteriousness and nefarious character reminds me of Vicious from Cowboy Bebop. Incidentally, Kogami looks a bit like Spike Spiegel, too. Coincidence? Or unabashed reference? Well, no matter. This is a completely different show and I am really enjoying its cray-cray villains.