Saturday, December 15, 2012

Jormungand Perfect Order 11: Commence Operation

Because of Bookman's early warning, the teams escorting Rabbit's Foot are more than prepared when Koko's extraction team come in. Nevertheless, they manage to seize the scientist but are soon chased by an elite group of Navy SEALs. The enemy is so good, even Lehm, the most veteran of the group, has a hard time. Lutz takes another bullet in the ass but he and Jonah manage to rally back, allowing their team members to put some distance between their pursuers. Koko tips up the scale by taking out the SEALs' eyes on the sky and then tampering with their backup datalink with the help of Minami's computer and Dr. Baburin's hacking skills. As a result, the elite Navy SEALs almost cross the border to Cuba and nearly start world war three. With the SEALs out of action, Koko's team safely reach the ship waiting for them at harbor.

Later, Valmet tells Lutz that she is finally ready to give her opinion about Koko's recent activities, but Lutz decides that he doesn't need to hear it anymore because no matter what she may be capable of, Koko would never leave any of her men behind. This is why, despite everything, she has her men's loyalty. Koko, at this point, joins Jonah in the bath and after some teasing, reveals that she will tell him about her plan once they reach their destination. But in exchange she wants him to confirm if despite everything he still loves the world. Jonah says yes, adding that because of his travels with Koko he has seen more of it but that he doesn't want to see any more of their friends die like R. This pleases Koko so much she gives him a kiss on the lips.

The next day, Koko tells Rabbit's Foot her plans for her. She makes no secret of her dislike for the scientist but is willing to set aside her own personal feelings to complete the project. Although initially resistant, Rabbit's Foot soon settles down when she learns that Koko is going to give her a new "toy" to play with. Later, Koko reveals the true extent of Jormungand to everyone on her team, including Rabbit's Foot: it is a program designed to create compulsory world peace by specifically targeting the military systems of the world, starting with the sky. She plans to clear the sky of all aircrafts, touting a world before airplanes were invented. A shocked Rabbit's Foot accuses Koko of playing god, but Koko counters that "god" fights soldiers with soldiers. What she is doing is something greater than "god."

Then, Jonah, who has been quiet all this time, asks how many lives would be lost as a result. Koko casually says a number close to a million souls, but that this is nothing compared to the number of lives saved as a result. But this is apparently the last straw for Jonah as he reaches for his gun and draws it against Koko. The movement catches the attention of Lehm, who also reaches for his own gun, pointing it at Jonah.

OMG this show. Talk about insane. The action, the terrain, the hair-raising military encounter, even the cliche night rain -- alright! That's what I'm talking about! This is what Jormungand is about and finally, the show delivered, jam-packing 90% of the show's penultimate episode with a smorgasbord of pure, unadulterated gunplay in beautiful animation and fantastic art. YES. 
Now for the story, Koko finally reveals what her plan really is: she wants to impose compulsory world peace and she doesn't care how many lives are lost in the process. She'll stop at nothing to achieve this dream of hers. No wonder she has kept it secret for so long. The plan is insane. Something only an unscrupulous arms dealer with a god complex would think of. Combine this with Koko's virtually unlimited resources and her merry band of loyal, devoted bodyguards, and you have yourself a plan that could work to devastating effect.
The craziest thing about it, however, is not the sheer proportion and madness of the plan. It is Koko's belief that she is doing something good for the world. But something tells me she is going to get a fierce reality check from none other than Jonah, the boy she wants to impress the most with all this. If the devastated look on her face is any indication, it is clear Koko has taken it for granted that Jonah would approve of her plan and that never in a million years did she ever entertain the thought that Jonah might turn on her in the end.
That said, I can't wait for the next episode, especially since this episode ended with a cliffhanger. Are Lehm and Jonah going to duke it out? What is that look on Valmet's face? We never really hear her opinion about Koko's increasingly violent plans of action, and I remember that it was Jonah who saved Valmet's life when she went all lone ranger in the first series. I don't think Valmet will ever betray Koko, not even for Jonah, but it's an entertaining thought nonetheless, considering the tone of her conversations with Lutz lately.
Is this thing going to be resolved internally? Or will some outside force intervene? Hinoki, perhaps? He didn't appear in this episode but he must have some plan. Or Kasper might come in out of nowhere for an ironic twist since it was Kasper who sold the weapons that killed Jonah's family and put an end to the world as Jonah knew it. It would be delicious if Kasper saved Jonah's new world this time around.