Saturday, December 8, 2012

Psycho-Pass 9: The Fruit of Paradise

After apologizing to Kogami for doubting him, Gino has the team finding out more about Makishima and his activities. They are not entirely successful so Kogami takes it upon himself to go after a possible lead on Makishima's identity. He suspects that Makishima may have been a student of Professor Saiga, a renowned psychiatrist who used to work as a criminal profiler. While he inspects the professor's old class list, he also has the professor give Akane a crash course on criminal profiling, despite knowing that such lectures have been known to cloud people's psycho-pass. As it turns out, Makishima is not on the roster.

Gino soon finds out about Kogami and Akane's visit to Professor Saiga and gives the both of them a thorough lecture. Akane grows a backbone and reminds him that since they are equal in rank, Gino has no right to talk her down in front of her colleagues. After Gino walks out, Masaoka gets Akane to see matters from Gino's perspective. Gino suffered a lot as a child because of the discrimination that came after his father was diagnosed a latent criminal. The reason Gino is acting out against Akane becoming too involved in cases is because he doesn't want her to get eventually corrupted by it all.

Meanwhile, on the news front, the chairman of a cybernetic company is interviewed for being the only man in the world with an entirely cyborg body. It is revealed that he is the same man who shot Rikako point-blank. He says that his company is working on cybernetizing the human brain in order to achieve immortality. Later, his talks with Makishima reveals that he is privy to the former's plans for Kogami.

If I were Akane, I'd have a crush on Kogami, too. But, god, I hope they don't go there. I mean, come on, we're on the 9th episode and still no back story on our side characters. And yet, they have time to tease us with a possible romance between the two main characters. The imbalance is obvious.
I'm glad though that we get to hear Gino's story. A family member of his being a latent criminal was already hinted at in an earlier episode. That actually explains a lot about his character. Now, can we have, pretty please, a scene with Yayoi and Shion? :)