Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun 11: Kenji-kun of the Yamaguchi House

In spite of Haru's jealousy and its violent manifestations, Yamaken continues to attend cram school with Shizuku in the hopes of becoming closer to her. But even as his feelings for her grow, he is still unable to tell her how he really feels. Shizuku, on the other hand, remains clueless, absorbed only with studying. One day, Haru follows Shizuku to school and catches Yamaken with his arm around Shizuku. He had just pulled her out of the way of a passing bicycle. But Haru misinterprets it and gets into a fight Yamaken and then Shizuku, who is angry with his behavior.

Shizuku later reveals that even though she already told Haru how she feels, he still persists in being jealous. Yamaken accuses Shizuku of bragging but instead of taking offense, Shizuku tells him that he is appealing. This puts Yamaken in an incredibly good mood. On his way home, Yamaken meets Haru who offers to walk him to the bus stop.

The meeting causes Yamaken to remember how when they were kids, a smart but bullied Haru used to follow him all the time. As they grew older, Haru became increasingly violent to the point where he even attacked Yamaken. The memory of this leads Yamaken to comment that the present Haru has changed. Haru doesn't agree and says that it's Shizuku who is changing and he is so afraid that she would leave him behind that he considers tearing off her arms and legs. Naturally, this declaration creeps Yamaken out so Haru says that he wouldn't, but adds that while Shizuku is exempted, everyone else is fair game. The threat is clear but Yamaken doesn't let this discourage him.

With Yamaken gone, Haru stays, thinking about the past. It is hinted that Yuzan and Haru didn't grow up with their father but were later taken to the main house. Haru had tried to run away but Yuzan found him. As they grew older, the brothers grew apart, until Yuzan tells Haru that the only reason they were brought back to the main house was because of Haru and that Yuzan wished Haru did not exist. Haru's recollections are interrupted with the arrival of Shizuku, at which point, Haru exclaims that Shizuku is his hero since she always shows up when he needs her. He then pulls her down for a hug and tells her that he loves her and that he doesn't want her to leave him behind. He also asks why he has to suffer so much by restraining himself and that he wants proof of her love. Shizuku realizes that even though their feelings were the same, they still continue to clash.

Yamaken aslkdjflskjfklsdjksdkfjsl!!!!!11111 Haru, you disgusting beast. Break her arms and legs? That sounds romantic in anime but in real life, that is sick. Get some help, boy. I'm already caught up in the manga and I don't think I remember the flashback part with Yuzan and Haru, so I think this was inserted in this episode purposely to neutralize the effects of exactly that statement about tearing off Shizuku's arms and legs. Especially when the episode shows such a cute and adorable side to that blond baka, Yamaken. His pride will be the death of him. Honestly. But we're supposed to feel sorry for Haru, and I do. It's a horrible feeling to love someone and be told by that same person that they wished you didn't exist. No wonder he compares himself to the villain in that Spider's Web legend. If I recall correctly, the villain was an incorrigible murderer and thief who was sent to hell for all his misdeeds. But Haru thinks that Shizuku would save him. Well, if you put it THAT way, I do love me some Yamaken x Shizuku but I like Haru and Shizuku, too.
In other news, Ooshima! She should get it on with Yamaken instead.