Friday, June 20, 2014

2014 Summer Anime Line-Up

Heyyyyy! It's been awhile. But I'm back and just in time because the 2014 summer anime line-up just came out and I'm thinking of blogging a few shows. Below are some of the titles that I find more interesting and will most likely blog about. (NOTE: based on this source of listing)


The story follows six high school students who meet during the summer. The protagonist is Touko Fukami, a 17-year old born in Fukui Prefecture. Her dream is to become a glass artisan. - ANN

IMPRESSIONS: I haven't seen any previews or CMs so I don't really know if this is any good. I am, however, intrigued because of how little I know about it. The animation looks gorgeous as well so I'm going to give this one a 3-episode test.


In Japan, strange creatures that eat humans are around and they're called "Ghoul". A university student, Kaneki Ken, is riding a normal life and has fallen in love with a girl. But, after their first date it turns out that she's a Ghoul. Being seriously traumatized, he got saved as the Ghoul accidentally died.

What happens when the doctors implant some of her organs to him, in order for him to survive? - MAL manga synopsis

IMPRESSIONS: I really like zombie stories so this one is right up my alley. I'm quite excited about it. I hope it delivers.


No synopsis

IMPRESSIONS: I have no idea what this is but uhm I think it's about this eccentric group of assassins. LOL yeah, I dunno. 3-episode test.


Normal appearance, normal intelligence, normal in arts and sports... just normal. This is the entirely normal 14-year-old, Naru Sekiya. While she admires "Heroines" she continues to live a normal life until one moonlit night she meets a fairy. This foreign girl then guides her into the extraordinary world of the yosakoi dance. - Manga Time Kirara

IMPRESSIONS: Magical girls! While I don't particularly like the magical girl genre, there have been a few good exceptions. The most recent is Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. This one is produced by my favorite anime studio, Madhouse, so I'm going to check it out.


A massive terrorist bombing suddenly struck Tokyo.

The culprits behind the act that woke up this complacent nation from its slumber, were just two boys.

Now, the culprits known as "Sphinx" begin a grandiose game that encompasses all of Japan. - ANN

IMPRESSIONS: a;sldkfjl!!!! It's the newest collaboration between Shinichirou Watanabe and Yoko Kanno !!! Definitely watching.

Alright. I think these are all for now. Just like before I'm not certain if I will even get to preview all of these as I might get hit by the lazy bug and decide that the series isn't worth watching the first episode. As of now, the the shows that I am definitely looking forward to are Zankyou no Terror and Tokyo Ghoul. The rest may or may not even be given the 3-episode test.