Sunday, October 18, 2015

Young Black Jack 2-3

EPISODE 2: Abduction

Hazama finds himself abducted, along with five other people, by a shady gang. It turns out they all owe a lot of money to the gang who is now looking to collect. However, the gang doesn't want money but their organs, specifically their heart, for the ailing leader of a powerful cult. Hazama and another man are a match for the patient. The doctor is known as the Joker, who operates in the black market and has successfully performed organ transplant on a number of patients despite the fact that the procedure is relatively new. Yabu, Hazama's drug addict friend, appeals to the gang boss to let Hazama go. In doing so, he reveals that Hazama is a genius in medical surgery but his appeal is unheeded. When Hazama meets the patient, the patient chooses him specifically for his spirit. However, before surgery could start, the gang finds out that the Joker has gone underground to escape the authorities, which means he cannot perform the surgery. The cult members pressure Hazama to perform the surgery, much to Yabu's horror. While Hazama and Yabu argue about the merits and demerits of performing heart transplant on a living donor, the donor dies of a cardiac arrest, thus, putting the argument to rest. Hazama's heart transplant operation is successful.

EPISODE 3: Deserter

A couple of American soldiers who deserted their contingent in the Vietnam War is being assisted by a secret organization in Japan to return them to Sweden. However, one of the soldiers, Smith, gets stricken by a debilitating headache. Coincidentally, the group is hiding out in the same apartment as Hazama, who is entertaining Maiko at the time. Maiko offers to help and ropes Hazama in. Hazama realizes that Smith is suffering from intercranial edema and needs surgery. He suggests bringing Smith to a hospital but the group vehemently protests to avoid detection by the authorities. They pressure Hazama into helping. At first, Hazama refuses to do it and walks away but when he overhears the group discuss bringing Smith to Europe despite his condition, Hazama realizes that the journey will kill Smith. He decides to perform intercranial surgery, which was successful. After the operation, Smith reveals that he works for the CIA, who is sent to investigate the secret organization helping deserters. He is brought to the embassy and Hazama is detained for his possible connection with the group. When they realize that he is just a medical student, they let him go.

I don't really have much to say about these couple of episodes, except that Young Black Jack is a hot bishie. This anime appears to focus on his pathos as a young doctor.... I can't really relate to that. I'm dropping the show.