Saturday, November 21, 2015

Kagewani 7-8: Tremors

EPISODE 7: Slashing Strike

A teacher stays late in school to clean up when she notices two kids playing with the chickens. After she scolds them and tells them to go home, one of the kids draw something on the ground. Suddenly, the earth moves and the teacher tells them to stay down because it was an earthquake. A few minutes later, the earth moves again in an aftershock. Just then, a large claw bursts out from underneath the ground, separating the two kids. As the other kid runs towards his friend, the teacher quickly tackles him, barely avoiding the claw to catch them. Sensing a threat, the chickens began to make a ruckus, attracting the creature towards the coop and prompting it to attack them. While the creature is distracted, the teacher and one of the kids find a higher surface to stand on. The teacher concludes that the creature is attracted by vibrations on soil. She tells the other kid not to move and asks the other to distract the creature by throwing rocks while she attempts to rescue the former. Her plan backfires but just before the creature could get her, the kid throws a piece of rock at a nearby trolley, causing the balls they contain to bounce on the ground.

EPISODE 8: Camouflage

Banba drives his geologist ex-girlfriend to the school where the creature from the previous episode was found. On their way there, they go through a tunnel, which suddenly collapses on them. When an injured Banba comes to, he can't find his ex anymore but he sees other motorists trapped inside the tunnel with him. He notices a woman inside her car and while he tries to get her attention, the woman is suddenly attacked by a gigantic tick that sucks out all her blood right in front of a horrified Banba. As the tick leaps away, Banba then notices other motorists dead on the ground with their blood sucked out. Banba searches through the wreckage for his ex-girlfriend and finally finds her sitting on the ground, conscious but unresponsive. He takes her hand and drags her out of the tunnel just as a jet bombs the place. The tunnel collapses in on what looks like Banba's ex. But when his vision clears, he sees that what he thought was his ex was actually the tongue of a huge creature and that part of the tunnel was the inside of this creature. Suddenly in the sky Banba sees a claw and he realizes that this creature is the same one that caused the earthquake.

Tremors did a way better job. I loved that movie.