Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Katsugeki / Touken Ranbu

Two sword warriors, Kane and Kunihiro, are chasing after a fast-moving carriage, guarded by flying wraiths and a sword-wielding warrior. They succeed in killing all of them and retrieve the cargo -- chests full of gold coins. It is then revealed that they are warriors sent from the future by a sage called Saniwa in order to stop the Retrograde Army from changing history.

At that moment, a cat-like figure announces to them their new mission from Saniwa: they are to stop the Retrograde Army from changing the course of history on March 6 during the reign of the 14th Shogun. The two travel to Tokyo and there they are able to narrow down the area where the Retrograde Army will appear and their possible target.

On their first night in the city, they encounter elements of the Retrograde Army. Kane dispatches of his assailants while Kunihiro holds his own against a lone attacker. However, he lets his guard down, prompting Kane to save him in the nick of time. Later that evening, Kunihiro is awakened by fire consuming the city. Kunihiro wants to save the residents but Kane stops him, saying they cannot interfere and risk changing history. However later Kane saves a child who is trapped in the fire.

More members of the Retrograde Army appear, heavily outnumbering Kane and Kunihiro. But Saniwa arrives just in time, bringing with him some reinforcements in the form of additional sword warriors: Tonbokiri, Mutsunokami and Yagen.

Production values look high and the art style is pretty. Kane, especially, has such a pretty design. So apparently, most of the characters are not actual people but swords -- legendary swords from Japan's history. About the only real person in the show so far is Saniwa and he's a mage or summoner.
Anyway, not sure about the villain's target right now. I'm sure it's one of those three guys that the cat character named and our heroes are going to try to stop them.
Will I stick around and watch the other episodes? Not sure. If nothing better comes along, I'll probably blog about this.