Thursday, July 20, 2017

Vatican Kiseki Chousokan 2

The scene opens with a man running while a distended voice asks why they have not repented. The man kneels in front of a fiery creature with three heads and three eyes with the symbol 666 and claims "they" are coming back to him. But the creature declares that they will bathed in blood.

Roberto and Josef are testing "Mary's tears" and find that it's only water. They conclude that the "tears" are simply condensation. But when they present their conclusion to Fr. Joseph Conotri, they insist that it is a miracle. In the course of their investigation, the two are introduced to Leon Russell, the layman Head of the Secretariat of Santo Rosario Church. Leon Russel tells them that the recently deceased Fr. Klaus Beck, Fr. Joseph, Leon Russel and his wife lost their parents in World War II. As orphans, they were taken in by Fr. Michael Brown, the church founder. Out of gratitude for the man, the priests have preserved Fr. Michael's room since he died and Fr. Joseph becomes incensed when Roberto suggests looking at Fr. Michael's collection of rare books.

Meanwhile, two students, Mario Lotte and Sebastian Franklin, discuss a classmate, Carlos Diego, who seems to have reacted badly to the strange occurrences in Santo Rosario, including the gruesome murder of Fr. Klaus. It is revealed that the priests have not told the student body the truth about Fr. Klaus' passing. But the students are clearly involved in the satanic symbols found on the floors and hold seances as well. Later that night, Fr. Franceso secretly meets with Sister Dorothea in her room. Soon after, Roberto and Josef are called to an emergency: Fr. Francesco and Sister Dorothea have become the latest victims of the Santo Rosario murderer. At the sight of both bodies, Roberto and Josef figure out that the victims have all been killed in the same manner as the martyrs depicted on Santo Rosario's stained-glass windows.

This latest event leads the priests to gather the students where Mario Lotte makes a spectacle of himself by displaying stigmata. The priests call the police but heavy rains keep them from crossing the bridge to Santo Rosario, forcing them to wait until morning. Meanwhile, Roberto and Josef interview the guard, which leads the two to investigate the room where the first miracle occurred. They find a cross formed by ruins written in blood as well as bloodied footprints, suggesting that the murderer was in the room when Fr. Klaus died. Josef deduces that Fr. Klaus was killed by the murderer pushing the Virgin Mary statue, crushing Fr. Klaus, which also explains the "crying Mary" miracle: the murderer cleaned the murder weapon with the ice cold water from the fountain and returned it to its pedestal. The freezing statue then reacted to the air, thus, creating condensation or "tears." During dinner, the priests discover that Fr. Joseph is absent. They quickly hurry to his room where they find him tied upside down on an X-shaped cross like St. Andrew.

Well, that was not a boring episode. Seems like the show has no qualms about killing off random characters. In this episode alone, 3 people died. Granted, they had no personalities but still. That was almost Game of Thrones-like. I'm still not bought on the show. The mysteries are okay I guess but so. much. talking. The visuals aren't great either. Needs more panache to keep me sticking to it.