Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ga-Rei - Zero Character Song Vol. 1 - Kagura & Yomi

RELEASED: 02.04.2009
LABEL: Lantis
1. Futari Shikai Nakatta
2. sentimental cool
3. Futari Shikai Nakatta (off vocal)
4. sentimental cool (off vocal)

Haven't had enough Ga-Rei - Zero? This is the first character song collection from the series, featuring -- of course -- Yomi and Kagura. No. They don't sing solo. Both tracks are duets, a fact which surprised me because I half-expected that sentimental cool would be sung by Mizuhara Kaoru (Isayama Yomi) and the other one by Chihara Minori (Tsuchimiya Kagura). Oh. Well.

Ga-Rei - Zero Character Song Vol. 1 @ Play-Asia
Ga-Rei - Zero Character Song Vol. 1 @ Yes Asia
The songs themselves aren't fantastic. I mean, they're okay, I suppose, as anime songs, but there's nothing special about them. I do like sentimental cool as a title. It has a certain flair to it, but the song itself is...for lack of a better word, boring. Futari Shikai Nakatta actually sounds better and maintains some echoes of the series' OP theme.

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