Thursday, March 19, 2009

Casshern Sins OST

RELEASED: 02.25.2009
LABEL: Dreamusic
SIZE: 110.3MB (.rar)
1. Sins
2. Loss of Memory
3. Lost World
4. Roamer
6. Rusty Body
7. DIO and LEDA
8. Conspire
9. Infuriate
10. Memory Past
11. Human Nature
12. Saber of Angel
13. Life of Flowers
14. Peaceful
15. A Path (sung by Nami Miyahara)
16. Advance Soul
17. Theme of JIN
18. Sin a Sin
19. Dark Matter
21. Combat Troops
22. White vs. Black
23. Battle Mode I
24. Battle Mode II
25. Blue Eyes
26. Casshern

1. Aoi Hana clip
2. Hikari to Kage clip
3. Reason clip

I love the music of Casshern Sins. I have previously featured the OP and ED singles in this blog before, so now I have here the Original Soundtrack and let me tell you, it is awesome. Watching the show, I've always been looking forward to when they would release an album, featuring all the wonderful BGMs and the insert songs. My wish just came true.

Casshern Sins OST @ Play-Asia
Casshern Sins OST (Japan Version) @ Yes Asia

The best thing about this album is that it has all the tracks that I loved from the anime, including one of the songs sang by Nami Miyahara who, by the way, is the voice of Lyuze. It's called A Path and I have provided a sample link for you, in case you want to try it out. Majority of the tracks tends to be repetitive but Kaoru Wada, the composer, has added enough quirks to each of the tracks to make them an entirely different sound. More sample links for specifically recommended tracks are available, but really, the entire album is recommended. DL, listen to it, and then if you like it, go and buy it. I know I am.

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