Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blood+ on Studio 23

In other news, Blood+ finally gets aired on Philippine TV! Hurray for Studio 23 for finally catching on.

Blood+ is about a girl, named Saya, whose school-girl looks belies a personal history as old as time. She is a vampire, one of two immortal siblings whose descendants are fated to fight and annihilate each other. But with her memories all but faded, Saya unknowingly becomes a pawn to a secret government organization, the Red Shield, who is intent on destroying the blood-sucking Chiropterans. But what are the Chiropterans? And why is a mere drop of Saya's blood fatal to them?

The anime is a spin-off of the animated feature film, Blood: The Last Vampire. Read my review here. I also mentioned that Blood: The Last Vampire is getting a live-action adaptation, starring that Korean actress from My Sassy Girl and Koyuki (Last Samurai). With the recent success of the hyped movie, Twilight -- also about vampires -- I think this anime is going to be a hit among Filipino fans of the genre.

Blood+ has everything, from action to romance, high school girls in school uniforms, swords, and a tall, dark, handsome bishie who tugs at your heartstrings by playing Bach's cello suite pieces. The series is going to start airing on Studio 23 on the 23rd of March. It's probably going to replace the timeslot for Samurai X.

p.s. They're airing the dubbed version, just so you know.