Friday, March 20, 2009

Phantom ~ Requiem of a Phantom PV

Can hardly wait for April ~
DDL PV @ MF (avi, 7.68MB)

The promo video just came out, subbed by Chibi Subs & Formula. So far, it looks good and unmistakably BeeTrain. I'm especially glad that the character designs actually bear some resemblance to the ones in the promo poster. That makes this show look even more attractive, though I must admit that the main character reminds me of Kirika. Both characters lack facial expressions. On the other hand, the mask is a nice touch although not in any way novel. Didn't Balrog / Vega in Streetfighter sport a similar mask? Also, the maid outfit. Erm, let's not talk about the maid outfit.

The action sequences -- or what little there was shown in the promo -- didn't look too promising, although the knee-kick was pretty cool. I'm guessing Phantom ~ Requiem of a Phantom isn't too big on action. Yeah, I know that's weird for a series about assassins but it looks to me like this one is a character piece. I don't really mind it so long as there's enough going on with the character development and relationships. I sense smokin' hot romance. Well, maybe not but that's a really suggestive pose.OH MY GOD. I cannot get over the silliness of the mask. I really do hope this is good.