Saturday, December 12, 2009

Armed Librarians 10: Oh my ants are on fire

Finally, Armed Librarians is picking up the goods. Unlike the Noloty x Enlike arc, this certainly looks interesting.
EPISODE 10: A Weird Guy, A Mother and a Nest of the Black Ants
More Screencaps from Armed Librarians: The Book of Bantorra 10

A Shideki Church member manages to infiltrate the Bantorra Library labyrinths but seems content for the moment to observe the proceedings. He overhears Rithly and a couple of armed librarians talking about Mokkania Fluru, said to be the strongest armed librarian equal even to the Acting Director but also a little weird. Ireia scolds the three of them and orders them to finish their work. Afterwards, she proceeds to Mokkania's room, which is housed inside the 4th Labyrinth, to ask him to help with library duties. However, Mokkania is not in a welcoming mood. On her way out of his room, Ireia takes note of a fragment of a book on Mokkania's desk and urges him to return it to the shelves. But Mokkania has such a frightening expression on his face at that moment that Ireia gives up on the idea.

Meanwhile, everybody else in Bantorra Library are minding their own tasks. Even Hamyuts is busy with the menial job of arranging the books in the 4th Labyrinth even as her sensory threads pick up the Shideki Church member's presence. At the public library, Noloty and Mince are likewise busy. A fellow armed librarian hands Noloty a glass of water, which she promptly drinks. Immediately after she finishes the glass, her vision blurs. A man and a woman then approach Noloty to ask if they could be led to the labyrinths. Noloty cheerfully agrees to take them there.

Out on the cliff, Enlike is working out under the watchful gaze of Mattalast, who is his usual provoking self. It is revealed that Enlike has been offered a position as an armed librarian but refused it. Enlike says that he has discovered Bantorra's weak point. At that moment, the entire Bantorra headquarters receive an alert -- something is wrong in the labyrinths. Milepoch, who is in the 4th Labyrinth, hears the cry for help by a fellow armed librarian. She arrives at the scene but is too late to save him. Mokkania's black ants have already swarmed over his body and Mokkania himself, accompanied by a woman carrying a cane, warns Milepoch to get out at once. Without stopping to think, Milepoch begins running for the exit, telling everyone through telepathy that Mokkania is the one causing the havoc.

Meanwhile, Hamyuts, who is also in the 4th Labyrinth but relatively safe behind a stone door, realizes what's going on. Mokkania wants to kill her but she is more than up for the challenge. The Shideki Church member finally reveals himself to her, introducing himself as Winkenzy Bizee and saying that he wants the book of a particular armed librarian. Hamyuts isn't surprised by this. After he leaves, Hamyuts continues to listen in on what's happening outside. Her sensory threads pick up the Schlamuffen's location as well as Mokkania with the woman, whom he calls "mother."

Back in the Bantorra headquarters, Milepoch and the other armed librarians plan how to rescue the Acting Director and to defeat Mokkania. They discover that the woman who is with Mokkania is an impostor because his real mother died several years ago. Noloty, assisted by Enlike, arrives at that moment to reveal that she might have been the one who led the woman to the labyrinth. Feekie and Milepoch scold her for this violation of Bantorra rules but Noloty insists that there is no such rule. Ireia steps in, saying that Noloty must have drunk a potion to make her forget about that particular rule. She then announces that she's going into the 4th Labyrinth and face Mokkania alone.

Back in the labyrinth, Winkenzy warns Mokkania that Ireia is coming. True enough, Ireia waits for Mokkania at the hall. A violent fight follows in which Ireia reveals the extent of her powers. Her magic is to control time for anything that comes within her sight. Knowing this, Mokkania is careful to stay hidden from her. But Ireia, realizing his tactic, starts destroying the pillars around the area so that Mokkania would have nowhere to hide. She succeeds and freezes Mokkania, along with all his ants, in time. Afterwards, she collapses and freezes herself as well.

As soon as she does, everybody goes into action. Hamyuts breaks out of the room where she was trapped and heads straight for the Schlamuffen while Feekie dives into the labyrinth in order to capture the woman impostor. However, when Feekie gets to the woman, he realizes that she isn't what they were led to believe. But before he could tell the others that, Ireia's magic runs out and Mokkania sends his ants to attack Feekie. Elsewhere, Hamyuts gets a hold of the Schlamuffen at the same time she realizes that Feekie failed.


Alright! Some action and between the two strongest armed librarians, too. What a treat...for the next episode.

Mokkania playing with those stuffed toys in that creepy voice was really, really weird. I don't think I've ever been frightened of the word "kuma" before. lolz

Whoa. I had no idea Ireia was so strong. The old woman has spunk. Jeez. That's some serious powers she's got.

Poor Feekie. I liked his character design. Why'd they have to go and kill him? Eaten alive by ants is a terrible way to die.

Anyway, this looks like an interesting arc. After a lot of garbage, I think the show is slowly starting to recover. Even the production values look okay now. Here's to hoping the show is consistent from now on.