Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kimi ni Todoke 10: Kurumi? Kurumi...zawa?

And some hints of the real personality behind the pretty face.
EPISODE 10: Cooperation
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After becoming friends with Kurumi in the last episode, Sadako finds the girl popping up everywhere. Sadako is practically in ecstasy over having another friend, seemingly without any effort on her part, but Yoshida isn't. Yoshida expresses some concern over having "their girl" taken away from them. She later tells Yano how in middle school Kurumi once asked her "cooperation" in getting one of her girlfriends with a crush on Kazehaya to have some time alone with him in order to confess. What was just one girl, became two, then three, then an entire crowd. Kazehaya didn't like it one bit and neither did Yoshida so that was the end of the confessions. But Kurumi somehow managed to turn everybody's sympathy on her, resulting in the no. 1 unwritten rule among his fangirls: Kazehaya is everybody's property. Of course, that meant banding up against anyone who comes too close to him.

Although Yoshida doesn't entirely get Kurumi's tactic, she doesn't really like the girl. Yano understands too well what Kurumi is trying to do but doesn't tell right away. Meanwhile, Sadako, who is even more clueless than Yoshida about these things, continues to be friendly with Kurumi, the strange tension that has suddenly come over her relationship with Kazehaya notwithstanding. At one point, she sees Kazehaya and Kurumi talking casually together and wants to emulate the same but she can't really picture herself acting casually around Kazehaya.

When Kurumi hears about this from Sadako herself, she says that Kazehaya can only be casual with people with the same personality, implying that Sadako doesn't fit him and that Kurumi does. But instead of getting discouraged by this revelation, Sadako only resolves to be more like Kurumi. This, of course, angers the other girl although she hides it very well.

Sadako gets her chance when Kazehaya stumbles upon her watering the plants by herself. But again, that strange tension stops whatever words they want to say each other. Kazehaya starts to leave but not before muttering something about being nervous. This makes Sadako laugh and, after realizing that she isn't laughing at him, Kazehaya joins in. This breaks the tension between them and soon they are talking like they used to. Kazehaya tells her about their dog and the new doghouse he got for it, and invites her to visit if she likes. Before Sadako could answer, Kurumi, who has been watching the two with some alarm, calls her name. Unconsciously, Kazehaya calls Kurumi's name as well but it's not "Kurumi" but "Kurumizawa." It turns out that Kurumi's real name is Kurumizawa Ume.

Kurumi asks Kazehaya if she could borrow Sadako for some girl talk, to which Sadako hilariously reacts. Kazehaya can't really say no but wonders to himself why he keeps getting interrupted. Sadako is all nervous and giddy at the prospect of "girl talk" and all its implications and even ventures to call Kurumi "Ume-chan." But Kurumi doesn't like to be called by that name. Eventually, Kurumi does reveal why she called Sadako to that place: she has a crush on Kazehaya and wants Sadako's help.


I knew from a mile away that that was coming but that doesn't make it boring. It's all about the execution, THE EXECUTION! And with Kimi ni Todoke I have no complaints. Sure, the building up is slow and the characters' cluelessness (or is it lethargy) can sometimes get on my nerves, but this is shoujo so that's to be expected. I just hope that this series will deliver because that makes it ten episodes out of twelve and Sadako and Kazehaya are still nowhere around getting together. I'm afraid the series will end with some sort of "understanding" between the two of them, which isn't really what I want from it. They either have to end up boyfriend and girlfriend or I'll kill somebody's pet hamster.

p.s. No, I won't really kill a hamster. ^.^