Friday, December 4, 2009

Claymore 98: Beth/Alicia tandem vs. Priscilla

Cynthia is down, all of her limbs and part of her organs damaged. She asks Yuma to kill her, saying that she should have died during the North Campaign along with her captain Veronica. But instead of doing as she asks, Yuma decides to synchronize her yoki with Cynthia's. Whether or not Yuma is successful at a process she has only seen done once remains to be seen. Meanwhile, Riful watches Beth struggle to keep herself from awakening. A fallen Dauf urges Riful to kill her but something catches Riful's attention. All of a sudden, Beth darts away to rescue her twin sister, Alicia, who has come face to face with the horned one, Priscilla. Beth arrives at the scene just in time to save Alicia from Priscilla's killing blow. But Beth's appearance does not seem to make an impression on Priscilla until Beth also decides to awaken. Priscilla muses that now none of them is going to return to their human state. At first, the twins' teamwork seems to give them an advantage over Priscilla but it soon becomes apparent that Priscilla (who hasn't even awakened yet) is the superior warrior. She cuts off Alicia's head with just a touch of her hand. While Beth weeps at seeing her sister die, Priscilla uses this time to regenerate a new leg. So when Beth attacks, Priscilla is ready, declaring that the two of them would soon meet. Far away, Riful realizes that the battle is over while still further away, Clare senses Priscilla's all-too-familiar yoki.


I'm glad Riful did not die. But now that I see Priscilla's crazy power, I'm a little afraid for both Riful and Miria's harem (TM). How did Priscilla even end up there anyway? Wasn't she with Raki? What the hell happened? Where is Raki?

Priscilla is even stronger than I imagined. I think at this point the only thing that could stand a chance against her is the Raphaela/Luciela mutated combo.

And yes, it's totally obvious that I don't care a wit's end about Cynthia and Yuma. I've even forgotten how they ended up in that situation any way.

Yorihiro Nagi is probably going to stretch out Clare and Priscilla's meeting so it's not likely it will happen next chapter. I'm guessing then that next chapter will show a bit of Raki and maybe about what's up with Miria and Galatea and also about the Organization discussing the Alicia/Beth failure. And Miata, too, since Alicia/Beth's death means automatic promotion for her to No. 1 status.

Ack, I hate this characters being all over places. Hard to keep track of them.