Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sheryl Nome starring May'n - Universal Bunny (Macross F Movie Mini-album)

RELEASED: 11.25.2009
LABEL: Victor Entertainment
1. Universal Bunny
2. pink monsoon
3. Gira Gira Summer
4. Izorado
5. Ae nai Toki
6. Eien
7. Obelisk
8. Tenshi ni Nachatta (universal version)

No posts for Armed Librarians today because the fansub is just out and I haven't downloaded the latest episode (10) yet. So instead, I give you this treat.

Universal Bunny is the first mini-album by Sheryl Nome starring May'n. It's connected with the theatrical release of the first Macross Frontier movie adaptation. All music is again composed by Yoko Kanno-sensei with lyrics written by Gabriela Robin and other collaborators.

Sheryl Nome starring May'n - Universal Bunny @
Sheryl Nome starring May'n - Universal Bunny @ Play-Asia
Sheryl Nome starring May'n - Universal Bunny @ Yes Asia
The album's title track, Universal Bunny, is a rock song but still playful and has enough bubblegum in it so as to make no mistake that this is a Sheryl Nome song. Also included is pink monsoon which was released as Sheryl Nome's debut single before the movie came out. pink monsoon is more flirtatious with a seductive beat and May'n sounding more and more like Britney Spears so if you like that, then you'll like the track. Gira Gira Summer, by contrast, is very happy, very pop it's sickening. The album touches back on its rock beginnings with Izorado before slipping on its dainty slippers for the soft piano piece that is Ae nai Toki. I half-expected Eien to take after its preceding track but instead I was met with heavy guitar riffs for an intro and May'n singing with a slightly guttural voice. Style-wise, it's strangely reminiscent of Diamond Crevasse although the sounds couldn't be more different. Obelisk is a nice pop song that sounds like Christmas at the intro but quickly transforms itself into a melodious rock number. Tenshi ni Nachatta (universal version) is my favorite from the mini-album because it shows me the softer, stripped-down side of May'n's voice.

All in all, this is a good album. It showcases May'n's range as a singer, a regular universal bunny indeed. And of course, Yoko Kanno-sama is still a genius.

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