Saturday, January 16, 2010

Armed Librarians 15: Fighting Girls

There are so much, much more interesting series in the Winter Line-up than Armed Librarians that I'm seriously considering dropping it in favor of whatever flavor-of-the-season I end up with. But I suppose I'll apply the 3-episode rule again.
EPISODE 14: The Setting Sun, A Storyteller and a Collection of Fables
More Screencaps from Armed Librarians: The Book of Bantorra 14

After her hair-raising close encounter with Alme in the previous episode, Milepoch figures out that the former may possess the same sensory powers as Hamyuts. Despite this, Milepoch stays with her mission. Meanwhile, Alme is doing her own search for Parney's book in order to find some clue as to Rascal Othello's whereabouts. She eventually finds the book and discovers Parney's murderers. Milepoch on the other hand makes her own discovery as the boy she has been looking for, Ruly Strait, turns up and tells her that his father is Rascal Othello. Believing that Ruly has been deceived, Milepoch nevertheless finds herself standing face to face with said Rascal Othello, who then kills Ruly right in front of her eyes. Rascal warns her that he will come after Alme next, then Milepoch and Mattalast. At that moment, Alme is waiting for Rascal to show up. The old man does not disappoint but before the two could begin, Milepoch crashes in and attacks Alme. While the two girls fight, Rascal withdraws to the background, waiting for the opportune moment. However, he miscalculates, never realizing that Milepoch and Alme would actually work together. Just as Rascal prepares to stab Alme in the back, Milepoch shoots him, the bullet hitting his heart. The reason for their temporary truce now over, the two girls pick up where they left off. Knowing that she can't defeat Alme with just her sword skills alone, Milepoch distracts the other girl with her telepathy, thereby allowing Matt to sneak behind Alme and put a bullet through her back. Alme dies. After Milepoch and Matt are gone, a young girl, carrying the Stone Sword of Spent Time, Yor, comes to take Alme's book, thus, revealing herself to be the real Rascal Othello. The next day, Milepoch finally leaves Fulbeck City without Matt, who at that moment, is meeting with the last member of the Shideki Church. It is revealed then that the Armed Librarians and the Shideki Church share one goal: to protect the secrets of Rascal Othello and Heaven.


Wow, I totally did not expect that one: the old guy was fake and the real Rascal Othello is a loli! Forgive me if I fall down in stitches but this is just hilarious. Just when I thought this show was getting more and more uninteresting, they went and pulled this trick out of their hats. How clever!

Plus, I was right! Well, partly. I thought that Hamyuts was working with the Shideki Church for some higher goal yet to be revealed. Turns out, it's the whole Armed Librarians outfit that's working with the Shideki Church, except that it's all so top secret that only those occupying the highest echelons of both organizations actually know.

Anyway, now that that's finally revealed, I can't imagine how the series can top that. Next episode appears to be about Mince. Not particularly fond of that character but we'll see. I guess they're saving Volken dying for the finale. lolz