Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kimi ni Todoke 14: Left Out Kurumi

Kurumi's feelings....
EPISODE 14: Kurumi
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With her secret now out, Kurumi finds herself in a tight spot. More so when she inadvertently admits to spreading some of the bad rumors about Yano, Yoshida and Sadako. However, instead of becoming angry, Sadako can only cry as she realizes that Kurumi just pretended to be her friend. Yoshida can't stand it so she gives Kurumi a piece of her mind, impressing Yano somewhat. But Kurumi remains remorseless, saying that there's nothing wrong with her using people because other people do it to her all the time, asking her for favors and then forgetting about her afterwards. Because of Kurumi's adamant attitude, Yano threatens to tell on her to Kazehaya but Kurumi calls her bluff and later Sadako herself begs Yano not to do it because she knows that Kurumi would not want the person she likes to see her in a bad light. So Yano and Yoshida decide to let it go with Yano apologizing to Sadako for making it too personal. Later, Sadako watches the volleyball game from the sidelines but finds herself thinking about Kurumi the whole time. Their class lose the game but Yoshida plans to make up for it in soccer. On their way to the field, they overhear some of Kurumi's classmates discussing her absence and saying that it was just as well because otherwise they would have lost the game. This makes Sadako realize that Kurumi was at least telling the truth when she said that people just forget about her when they don't need her to do them favors. So after the soccer game is over, which their class won thanks to Yoshida's energetic playing, she goes to look for Kurumi. Kazehaya arrives a little later, saying that he couldn't watch the game because Pin kept pestering him. Pin then reveals that he has "broken" Kurumi's heart and warns Yano and Yoshida not fall for him because he doesn't go for kids. The two react with disgust while other students who heard Pin's declaration could only wonder at Kurumi's taste. Meanwhile, Sadako finds Kurumi where they left her, sitting under a tree by herself. Kurumi wonders why she came back and Sadako tells her that she's in love with Kazehaya, adding that she wants to tell Kurumi of all people because she knows Kurumi understands. Rather than understand, Kurumi tells her she hates Sadako because Kazehaya likes her without any effort on her part. As she says this she starts to cry and Sadako realizes just how much Kurumi loves Kazehaya, too.


Kurumi is cute. Especially when she's crying. And there's no sarcasm there. She's really become quite sympathetic this episode. But if this episode made me see Kurumi in a better light, it's Sadako who deserves my admiration. What a smart, intuitive girl.