Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kimi ni Todoke 17-18: Love is in the air

Pin's folly, Chizu's feelings...
EPISODE 17: Holiday
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Chizu (Yoshida) and Ayane (Yano) visit Sawako at her house during the holiday. Everybody is excited, but Sawako's dad is especially nervous. Chizu makes a bad first impression with her "yanki" looks, so does Ayane with her many piercings. But Sawako's mom saves the day by offering cake to the girls. Later, Sawako shows them her room and both girls are quite astonished by how much it does not reflect Sawako's personality. Sawako explains that she figures everything that isn't her would not scare people away. Ayane then shows Sawako the party photos, including the one with her asleep against Kazehaya's shoulder. Sawako is horrified by this discovery but after some prodding from her friends, she finally admits that she loves him. Ayane wonders when she is going to confess but for Sawako this is out of the question as she can't imagine going out with Kazehaya. So Ayane asks what Sawako would do if Kazehaya starts going out with another girl. Of course, Sawako wouldn't like it. Meanwhile, Kazehaya is walking Maru-chan (the dog) when he bumps into Ryuu. The two of them soon get a call from a very ill-sounding Pin, asking for Sawako. This gives Kazehaya the perfect excuse to call Chizu and talk to Sawako. After hearing the story, Sawako and the girls meet up with the boys and head for Pin's apartment. Once there, they are shocked to find the place in a mess and Pin down with the cold. They all go to work, cleaning up the place while Sawako and Kazehaya nurse Pin back to health. Soon, Pin recovers and he is so grateful for it that he offers to tell Sawako anything she wants to know about Kazehaya. Before they leave, Pin whispers something into Sawako's ears which Kazehaya finds suspicious. Ayane gets Kazehaya to walk Sawako home and as the two of them are walking with Maru-chan, Sawako suddenly grabs Kazehaya's sleeve and closes her eyes. A nervous Kazehaya attempts to give her a kiss but before he could, Sawako opens her eyes, surprising both of them. Sawako then explains that Pin told her to do it but she doesn't have any idea what would happen. An embarrassed Kazehaya warns that he wouldn't know what would happen if she does something like it again.

EPISODE 18: Chizu's Love
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It's back to school and Chizu is especially excited because, according to her, it's almost New Year's (even though it's only September). Kazehaya soon joins them and Sawako is rendered speechless at seeing him in a blazer. However, while the general atmosphere in class is cheerful, Ayane shows up complaining about boyfriend troubles. Ryuu soon follows and Chizu walks over to greet him. Seeing the two of them together, Sawako can't help but notice how compatible the two of them are. That evening, Chizu drops by the ramen shop again, greets Ryuu's father and heads straight for Ryuu's room. Ryuu is changing when she enters but they both don't mind. The two of them play computer games for a while but after Ryuu beats her, Chizu gives up. Then she asks what Ryuu wants for his birthday. He says anything but shoulder massage coupons. Chizu starts to ask Ryuu a question but gets too embarrassed to finish. After Chizu leaves, Ryuu realizes what the question was. The next day in class, Chizu asks the girls to go shopping with her but Ayane is busy, leaving only Sawako. Chizu buys a shirt that says "Baseball is for Idiots" for Ryuu's present. On their way out, Chizu's eyes get caught by store display of a frilly miniskirt. When Sawako asks if she wants to buy it, Chizu gets embarrassed and mumbles that there's nothing wrong with wanting to look different. Later, Sawako asks if Chizu likes someone and she answers yes. Sawako assumes that it's Ryuu and gets all excited because she knows Ryuu likes Chizu, too. However, Chizu dispels her of that notion as she reveals that the one she likes is Ryuu's older brother, who is coming home for the New Year's. The next day in class, Chizu browses for skirts in a magazine but is dismayed to find that she has no money to pay for it, having spent it all on Ryuu's present. Then she makes a slip, revealing that she wants to look good for Ryuu's brother. At that moment, Ayane shows up with a bruise on her cheek. When asked, she says that she finally broke it up with her boyfriend. While the girls try to comfort Ayane, Ryuu quietly slips out of the room and Kazehaya follows. Once outside, Kazehaya finds out that Ryuu has yet to tell Chizu about his feelings. At lunch, both Chizu and Sawako try to cheer Ayane up but the conversation ends up being about skirts. Ayane laughingly promises to give Chizu one as a present. That evening, Ryuu drops by Chizu's house and enters her room without knocking. Chizu takes issue with this but Ryuu remains unperturbed. He sits on her bed, close to her, and starts to tell her when Chizu stops him and dashes towards the edge of the bed. Unknown to Ryuu, she hides the present she bought for him just in time before he sees it. Not wanting him to find out, Chizu also tells him to leave. A confused Ryuu goes away even as it starts to rain.


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