Friday, February 19, 2010

Spring 2010 Anime Preview

From AnimeSuki and Chartfag's Spring 2010 Anime Line-Up. Looks awesome:

Iron Man

OFFICIAL (Marvel) | OFFICIAL (Madhouse) (JPN) | MAL | Teaser Trailer

We all know the story so no need to elaborate. What we do need to know is that this is the first of Madhouse's collaboration with Marvel to bring the latter's more famous titles to the Japanese audience. Next summer, we have Wolverine. I'm more excited about that (Madhouse's treatment of Wolverine's character design looks so strange) but I'd like to see this one to get a feel for the other. :) I'm sure a lot of people are also looking forward to this.

Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei

OFFICIAL (Noitamina) (JPN) | AniDB | ANN | MAL

Another Madhouse number and it's Noitamina, a word that has become synonymous with "quality anime." I don't really know what it's about. It's apparently an adaptation of a manga by Morimi Tomohiko and it looks josei. The picture looks interesting though. It looks funny, eclectic and quite eye-catching. If this turns out to be of the tone of Solanin, I am going to like it.

House of Five Leaves


This is the story about a ronin (masterless samurai), Akitsu Masanosuke who becomes the bodyguard of the leader of a criminal gang, Five Leaves. Yes, I know, the story doesn't seem to amount to much but the character design is appealing, it's by Manglobe, and samurai, yo! So this one is definitely in the basket. Out of all titles, I'm probably most looking forward to this.

Hero Man

OFFICIAL (Stan Lee's production company) | OFFICIAL (Square-Enix) (JPN) | ANN | MAL

The story follows a boy, Joey, who finds a robot that transforms into a giant robot, Heroman, which Joey uses to fight evil. (from ANN)

One word: Bones. Also, in tiny fonts: stan lee. The man is so big, he doesn't need big letters for his name. I'm still reeling over the wow-ness factor of Xam'd: Lost Memories. Now, this...yes!

Hakuoki Shinsengumi Kitan

OFFICIAL (Otomate Game) (JPN) | ANN | MAL

Oh my god, pretty boys! With swords! And look at the detail of that costume.

Hakuoki is a PS2 game and is reverse harem. Ugh. I have bad experiences with games turned into anime and hate girls surrounded by pretty boys. But this one comes with a no-fail safety button: Shinsengumi.

It follows the story of a Dutch girl who comes to Japan to look for her father. While searching for her father (who is a doctor), she stumbles upon a Shinsengumi member (I don't know which one) just as he is turning into a monster. Trouble ensues when she realizes that this weird transformation may have something to do with her father's works and that in order to find him, she has to disguise herself as a man and become part of Shinsengumi.

That's all for now.