Friday, February 26, 2010

Mini Updates: SoRaNoWoTo 6-8, Durarara! 4-7


SoRaNoWoTo 06-08

I actually dropped this series but a visit to one of my favorite anime blogs made me change my mind. To be sure, SoRaNoWoTo is hard to get into. There's very little appeal in it for someone like me. One, I don't like loli. Two, I don't have a very good track record with slice of life anime. Three, war+children+humor = not a good combination. But...STRANGELY...SoRaNoWoTo manages to exemplify all these and still manage to entertain. The story is definitely starting to shape up. Where the earlier episodes establish a relaxed atmosphere while the characters are slowly being fleshed out, hints are at the same time dropped to give us a glimpse of the darker side to all this. After all, this is a war and like all wars, HORRIBLE STUFF (TM) happen. We get, for instance, Felicia's back story and a first glance at how terrible everything was before this so-called present armistice. For another, Rio might not be who she claims to be. I got my money on Iliya, that blond girl who appears in Kanata's and Rio's (and also Felicia's) flashbacks, being Rio's older sister -- a princess of Helvetia. Which means Rio is royalty and that she probably dyed her hair black. And finally, in episode 8, there is a mention about peace conferences not going so well, which leads me to wonder what this means in the future. Another war perhaps? If so, then Kanata, probably the most naive person in the world, is in for some rough awakening.

Durarara! 04-07

This show is too scatter-brained to recap, which is why I decided to stop blogging it. But also, knowing that this is the mangaka's storytelling style, I never stopped watching it. Now I'm on episode 7 and I think I didn't make a mistake in sticking it out. This is one very entertaining anime series with a very interesting set of cast. Maybe Durarara! may never be as good or as crazy as Baccano! but it comes pretty close.