Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kimi ni Todoke 19: Oh Chi ~

Ryuu's bro ♥ ~
EPISODE 19: Dream

The girls decide to have a sleepover at Chizuru's in order to cheer up Ayane. In school, Ryuu tries to talk with Chizuru again but couldn't and so instead he tells her not to come to his house in the next couple of days. During the sleepover, this is all that Chizuru could think about. Ayane suggests that they all go to Ryuu's so Chizuru could apologize. Once there, however, the girls are surprised to find that the boys are also having their own sleepover in order to comfort another one of their classmates who got rejected by a girl. When they find themselves alone, Chizuru tries to apologize to Ryuu and then asks him what it was that he wanted to talk about. Before Ryuu could say it, however, someone arrives. It's Tohru, Ryuu's older brother and Chizuru's crush. But what should have been a happy reunion turns out to be awkward as Tohru has brought along his fiancee. Both Sawako and Ayane feel sorry for Chizuru but can't find the words to comfort her. The next day, Chizuru goes over to Ryuu's house in order to properly congratulate Tohru on his upcoming marriage but she hesitates at the door as she realizes that even though she is treated by the Sanadas like family, in the end, she is still just their neighbor.


Poor Chizu. Bugs, lol! Also, that was really awkward.