Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kimi ni Todoke 21: Neighborhood Girl

The conclusion of Chizuru's love profusion with the Sanada brothers...
EPISODE 21: First Snow
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It's almost spring and Chizuru shows up in school, looking cheerful again but still not talking to Ryuu. After classes, she invites the girls to a karaoke session where she completely hogs the mike. Later, as they are making their way home, Yano asks her what she would do if she meets Tooru again and Chizu cheerfully answers that she likes him but adds quickly that she's just joking. Then Tooru does show up for real and asks to speak with Chizu. Before Chizu leaves with Tooru, Sawako secretly reminds her that she's wearing a mini-skirt (their school uniform). Realizing this, Chizu tries to show off to Tooru only to have him tell her that he's used to seeing her legs from when they were children. They continue to walk together and all the while Tooru reminisces about many childhood memories with her. Chizu confesses that she likes Tooru, who surprisingly says that he likes her too, but only as a sister. After that, Tooru makes his way back home, intending to drive back to Sapporo immediately. Ryuu is waiting for him there to give him some bread from the other day when he had his fight with Chizu. Before he leaves, Tooru comments that both Ryuu and Chizu are not the clever type so maybe that's why they are much more suited to each other. However, Ryuu surprises him again by saying that he already knows this. Later, Ryuu goes to the docks where he knows Chizu would be since it is the last place that the three of them played before Tooru moved away. Chizu apologizes to Ryuu for her behavior and for being the only person who never greeted him on his birthday. Ryuu tells her that it's alright since Chizu is the only person who remembers his birthday. As they talk, Chizu discovers that it was in fact Ryuu who asked Tooru to come back that day. She tells herself that maybe her feelings for Tooru were really that of a little sister. Ryuu, however, says that he knows that her feelings were true. Because of this, Chizu asks him to comfort her as she cries and Ryuu embraces her.


This was a really charming and cute arc. I am totally sold on the Chizu x Ryuu pairing more than ever. SQUUEEEE ♥ ~ I especially like that the anime didn't try to ham-fist the whole thing, like get Chizu to suddenly like Ryuu after she gets rejected by Tooru. Too many shojou shows make that stupid mistake. I mean, Chizu didn't hold on to those feelings all those years only to have them suddenly disappear in one night. Chizu's reaction was very realistic. A real person would try to rationalize the whole thing, second-guess emotions, have doubts whether or not the feeling was just a little crush after all. And Ryuu is such a great friend for showing such deep understanding of Chizu even when she herself is confused. OMG I love these two!