Sunday, March 14, 2010

Armed Librarians 23-24: The Truth About Heaven

Was I so wrong about this anime? I really hate to admit it but I may have been wrong about this anime. Sure, the build-up was slow (and boring) but once the plot started taking off, it's woah!
EPISODE 23: Jailbreak, A Took, and the Violet of the Desert
More Screencaps from Armed Librarians: The Book of Bantorra 23

With the death of Kachua, Mince is appointed as the new Governor of Paradise. His first task is to scout for true men to rebuild the Shindeki Church and while on this mission, he finds the corpse of an old man, who turns out to be the former Acting Director (before Fhotona) Makkia. Meanwhile, the armed librarians have a celebration but the get-together turns into a meeting in which everyone voices their concern over Hamyuts' secretive behavior. Milepoch puts a strangely complacent Hamyuts in custody, but Hamyuts later escapes upon learning from Lascall Othello that the Violet of the Desert, Chacoly, is still alive. In Makkia's book, it is revealed that Heaven wants to destroy the world. When Makkia learns this, he defects from the Armed Librarians and goes to the desert where he erects a laboratory and subjects a young Hamyuts Meseta to torture. Back to the present, Mince and his assistant travel to this desert laboratory to investigate but are instead overtaken by Hamyuts. A flashback shows Hamyuts in that same laboratory on a mission under Fhotona and Kachua's orders to kill Chacoly. She does not kill Chacholy but leaves her in Makkia's care. Now, with Makkia gone, there is no one left in the world to take care of Chacoly and for this reason, Hamyuts intends to finish what she started to long ago. Before she can do so, however, Chacoly's abilities start to affect Mince. Somwhere far away, Enlike starts out with the resolve to destroy Heaven.

EPISODE 24: Truth, Love, and the Second Sealed Library
More Screencaps from Armed Librarians: The Book of Bantorra 24

Everyone in Bantorra Library is keeping a close eye on Mattalast as he is considered as Hamyuts' right-hand man. A flashback reveals Fhotona attempting to destroy Heaven but Matt, acting under Hamyuts' orders, stops and kills him. Before Fhotona dies, he accuses Matt of letting his feelings for Hamyuts get in the way. Back to the present, Mince is overtaken by Chacoly and attacks Hamyuts. She, however, sidesteps the assault and headbutts Mince back to clarity. She then explains to a confused Mince that Chacoly's power is soul transference, which is a superior kind of telepathy that allow Chacoly to completely take over a person's thoughts and make him act according to her wishes. Chacoly tries the technique on Hamyuts, too, but she resists and effortlessly snaps Chacoly's neck instead. Lascall Othello, who is then revealed to be Yor, appears to take Chacoly's book. After Hamyuts leaves with the book, Mince remarks that he once peered into the Acting Director's soul and saw that her dominant trait is self-loathing, her thoughts are void and her desire is love. In Chacoly's book, Chacoly parts on good terms from Hamyuts and goes off to fulfill her mission to infiltrate the Bantorra Library and destroy Ruruta. The mission fails and Chacoly loses her sanity as a result. Back in the library, Enlike finds Heaven but Matt is also there to stop him. But Heaven is no longer willing to wait, so it takes both Enlike and Matt captive, before it splits into two to reveal Ruruta inside. Outside the armed librarians are on heightened alarm as guardian beasts from the sealed libraries suddenly appear on the surface. Amid the chaos, Hamyuts makes a public announcement, finally revealing the biggest secret that all Acting Directors before her have kept: the Director is Heaven or Ruruta, who long ago deposed Bantorra, and took over the library. Ruruta then unleashes his power, the sleep of death, putting everyone to sleep in order to spare them the pain. Matt, however, refuses to die and purposely shoots himself to keep himself awake. Then, he escapes from his bonds and runs to find Hamyuts, keeping in mind his long-ago promise to be the only man to kill her.


I really can't say anything except AWESOME! And here I thought that that episode focusing on Matt and Hamyuts' juicy past was irrelevant to the plot. Was I ever so wrong? Agh! And what's this? There are in fact 27 episodes? That's not a good sign but I am enjoying this arc so very much right now that I don't really care.

Poor Matt. I think he's going to die. Also, I'm thinking that Hamyuts will be the only one left standing when this series comes to a close. I just have a feeling. Plus, the opening clip kind of shows her, all bloody and beat up, standing alone, staring into the blazing sunset. Dead give-away.

Production values are hot! BGM is simultaneously haunting and simultaneously hot! David Production, did you get knocked on the head or something? Or was this your plan all along? To scrimp on all the previous, building-up episodes and kill us with amazement in the last four? Because if that is so, you are a ninja! XD


TsunTsun said...

exactly how i feel from eps 5 onwards i was like wow bantorra is going to be that anime that just keeps on getting better and i have nver been displeased with it :D

jute said...

The only reason I was able to watch Bantorra this far is because I did not have any high expectations in the first place. It's only really now that things are starting to get really interesting and I begin to realize that all the previous episodes have been for building up these last five or so episodes. So no, I'm afraid we're not exactly on the same page. But yes I am enjoying this series now. :)