Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kimi ni Todoke 22: Stomach Warmer

I thought New Year already happened, and now we're celebrating Christmas? Timeline is confuzzling.
EPISODE 22: Christmas

The class of D-1 plan to have an out-of-school party to celebrate Christmas. Everyone must come and that includes Sawako, who is more than thrilled to be finally invited to one of these gatherings. However, her family's -- especially her father's -- enthusiasm over their own family get-together to celebrate the occasion gets in the way, forcing Sawako to stay home. Kazehaya as well as Ayane and Chizu can barely hide their disappointment. On Christmas Eve, the girls give Sawako a call to greet her 'Merry Christmas' and then they pass the phone on to Kazehaya. Upon hearing his voice, Sawako gets tongue-tied and overcome with tears. Her mother notices and so takes the phone from her. While Sawako's mother speaks to Kazehaya, Sawako's dad, who is finally noticing Sawako's unhappiness, gives her the present he got her: a cellphone. Sawako then tells her dad that she wants to go to the party for just a little bit. He reluctantly lets her go. However, by the time Sawako makes it to the place, all her classmates are gone. Only Kazehaya is still there, waiting for her. He gives her a present: a cellphone thingamajig. In exchange, Sawako gives him a stomach warmer, which is supposed to be for her father but for a slight mishap earlier that day.


I've decided to call this section 'thoughts' because I realize that people make the mistake that the "comments" are comments from visitors. Uhm, no. But anyway, yeah, so I think 'thoughts' would work.

Also, I've decided to change the schedule for this series to Saturday and Armed Librarians for Sunday. I know it's a bit late but I just noted that Horriblesubs release their episodes of the latter series Saturdays.

Back to the topic, this episode is cute. Stomach warmer. In case you don't know, stomach warmers are considered old-fashioned in Japan and are only ever worn by old people and some gang members. I know that little bit of information from Kimi wa Petto. :)