Sunday, March 21, 2010

Armed Librarians 25: Hamyuts is dead!

...or is she?
EPISODE 25: Serenity, Indolence, and the Tale of Despair
More Screencaps from Armed Librarians: The Book of Bantorra 25

Colio Tonis is walking in the desert and comes upon a strange arena with a huge screen in front. The screen shows the life story of Ruruta, the man with transparent hair, who is destined to save the world by defeating the Beasts of the Final Chapter, who are in turn sent by Orntorra, the god of the Future. However, before he can do that, Ruruta must first consume the books of 100,000 soldiers, absorbing not only their abilities in the process but also their despair. Niniiu, the last of a tribe of minstrels whose song can heal, senses Ruruta's despair and wants to help. After some difficulty, the two manage to meet. At first, Ruruta resists Niniiu's attempts to help him but with some persistence from Niniiu, Ruruta comes to admit that he is afraid of failing his people and of not being forgiven. To ease his pain, Niniiu sings her song of healing and then gives Ruruta what he craves the most: forgiveness.

Back to the present, Hamyuts faces Ruruta and tries to provoke him by reminding him of Chacoly and humming Niniiu's song. Meanwhile, Mattalast and Enlike finally make it out of the labyrinths. At the same moment, a root from the Heaven tree rises from the ground. On its tip is the mutilated body of Hamyuts Meseta, apparently dead. Matt collapses in defeat while Enlike tries to attack Ruruta, to no avail. Ruruta effortlessly blocks his power and puts him to sleep.

In the desert, Colio is joined by other fallen members of the Shideki Church: Charlot, Winkeny and Alme -- all of whom are riveted with the events of the past. On the screen, Ruruta attempts to consume more books but is greatly weakened by it. His chief retainer blames Niniiu. Before she came, Ruruta's conviction that his people would never forgive him if he failed was the source of his strength. To regain that strength, Ruruta tries to kill Niniiu but fails to do so because he has already fallen in love with her. Instead, he makes her his reason for fighting. As Ruruta gains enough strength to fight, his retainers serve him wine with Argax. The result is that Ruruta forgets all about Niniiu and ends up killing her in the great battle with the Beasts of the Final Chapter. Only after he reads her book does he remember and learns how Niniiu died at the hands of his own retainers. In the end, Niniiu has united with Orntorra, wanting only to destroy the world. This being Niniiu's last desire, Ruruta lives only to fulfill it.

In the arena, Colio realizes that the reason Ruruta made the Armed Librarians and the Shideki Church is so that he could consume more and more books. Kachua soon appears and cheers on Ruruta for destroying the world. A new character also arrives, making a grand entrance by killing Kachua on the spot. Winkeny picks up the murder weapon: a stone pellet.

In the present world, Ruruta senses a disruption in his system. He looks in the direction of Hamyuts' impaled body, thinking that he has yet to consume her book. At the same moment, Hamyuts' voice is heard, saying that she couldn't be killed.


OMG, Colio! LOL, is this where you've been all this time? OMG, where is Shiron? Wasn't her book also given to Heaven? And who else did Heaven consume? Where the hell are they?

And OMG, Hamyuts! I totally thought she was dead, and my only reaction was: OMG, what? Nooooo! And then, Matt! OMG! And Enlike! Just like that. OMG!

Well, it's clear that Ruruta is a book-eater, like Zatoh, except that Ruruta is obviously more powerful since he has consumed 100,000 books. OMG, how in the heck is Hamyuts going to defeat the bastard?

Argh! I can't wait for the next episode. Crap. This anime is the shit. :)

Also, crap! Who wrote that spoilerific stuff on Wikipedia? No, don't check it if you don't want to be spoiled.