Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kimi ni Todoke 23: Pretty in Pink

Sawako's make-over...
EPISODE 23: Two People
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It's December 25 and Sawako is thrilled to find that the events of the past night had not been a dream and that her father really did buy her a cellphone. Meanwhile in school, Ayane overhears the guys talking abouthow Sawako showed up at the after-party the night before and wondering if she came with Kazehaya. Not wanting any bad rumors to spread about her two friends, Ayane tells them it was she who invited Sawako to the party and made Kazehaya wait for her as a penalty for losing a bet. On the way to the hall for the closing ceremony, Sawako catches a glimpse of Kurumi, who no longer bothers to hide her dislike for the other girl and sticks her tongue out. Afterwards, Sawako realizes that she will no longer see Kazehaya or any of her friends until the second semester. This thought makes her sad and she thinks that she wants to thank Kazehaya at least before they part ways. But Kazehaya leaves with the other boys before she can get a chance. Much later, Sawako goes out with Ayane and Chizu and Sawako proudly shows them her brand new cellphone. Chizu helps her set up an email account. The conversation soon turns and Sawako tells them that New Year's Day is also her birthday. With this revelation, Chizu and Ayane get an idea. As Sawako timidly invites the two of them to spend her birthday with her, Chizu pipes up that she always goes to a shrine with Ryuu on New Year's and invites Ayane and Sawako to come as well. Ayane adds that Sawako should invite Kazehaya, too. Although extremely nervous at the prospect, Sawako does call Kazehaya, botching her lines the whole way through. On December 31, Ayane and Chizu show up at Sawako's house on time but instead of setting out at once, they drag Sawako to her room for a quick make-over. It seems both girls remember how Sawako once said that she wanted to look pretty like Kurumi. After they are done, they show Sawako the mirror and greet her happy birthday. A very happy and incredibly touched Sawako starts to water up but finds that she has to hold it in, or the make-up would be ruined. Later, the three of them walk to the meeting point but before they could reach the place, Ayane and Chizu suddenly declare that they're leaving and that Ryuu isn't coming either, which means that Sawako has to go alone with Kazehaya -- their plan all along. Sawako is too shocked to make any serious protest. Then, after her friends are gone, she has no choice but to bravely face Kazehaya by herself. Upon seeing her, Kazehaya is speechless. Sawako is too nervous to notice her own effect and wonders if Kazehaya would leave her by herself. Instead, Kazehaya turns around and tells her, "Let's go." They both set out for the shrine.


This was a very hilarious episode. And also sweet. I realize this is my general reaction to the series. Oh well, something new then: Sawako, Made-Over (TM) is pretty! In a crazy, sparkly pink sort of way. LOL at Kurumi's cameo. How many episodes does this series actually have? I thought it was 24. But I checked ANN again and it's 25?? I'm confused. Kimi ni Todoke isn't the only series I'm watching this season that's apparently confused with how many episodes to release.