Monday, April 5, 2010

Claymore 102: The Devil that Swooped Down

Dietrich arrives to save Yuma and Cynthia from oblivion and she's brought company with her -- the abyssal eaters. Originally designed by the Organization to attack only a designated target, this particular group of abyssal eaters have lost track of their target and resorted to swarming around a piece of cloth which seems to carry traces of their real target's scent. Dietrich finds them like this, steals the piece of cloth and brings it with her in order to lure the abyssal eaters into the area. She then throws it towards the awakened beings that have been attacking Yuma and Cynthia, thus prompting the abyssal eaters to attack. Some of them are hit by the parasitic pole thingies (TM) but Dietrich explains that the abyssal eaters have no sense of self to begin with so they can't be taken over. The only thing that the parasitic pole thingies accomplish by trying to take them over is to remove their natural limiter and make them attack even those that have not been their designated targets. After fighting the abyssal eaters for a while, Dietrich already knows the strength of the abyssal eaters. She thinks that the parasitic pole thingies and the abyssal eaters are about evenly matched so she decides to shape the outcome of the battle herself by joining in.

Meanwhile, Deneve carries a wounded Clare in her arms as she tries to flee from a pursuing Priscilla. She ends up in the midst of many awakened beings under the control of the parasitic pole thingies. In a desperate move, Deneve entrusts Clare to Helen so that she can face the awakened beings as well as Priscilla. The parasitic pole thingies also try to take over Priscilla to no avail. She is too strong for them. Deneve then tells Helen to flee with Clare while she herself stays to face Priscilla alone, even though she knows that she stands no chance. But just before Priscilla could assault Deneve, a large shadow looms above Priscilla and takes her down. It's Dauf! But he's infected with the parasitic pole thingies. Also, he still has Riful's lifeless body in his hand. Dauf is so strong that Priscilla is forced to awaken into her one-horned form.


Claymore day! Yes. Although the story has been pretty much stagnating for the last five chapters or so. But with this recent chapters, things are finally looking up. I can't believe that Riful is really dead. I know that we were supposed to believe that Priscilla wasted her, but I was hoping against hope that Riful somehow made it. After all, Riful has been a pretty constant villain in Claymore ever since her first appearance. But it seems Norihiro Yagi-sensei holds no such sentiment. In the end, Riful is just a plot device. That's why, it's the height of awesome that she turns out to be a character as well.
Now that Priscilla has been forced to awaken, I wonder what the consequences would be. Rafaela/Luciela could be alerted to her youki, which in turn could cause a different kind of pandemonium. Also, the abyssal eaters are closing in. I wonder if the Organization also made Priscilla a designated target? On that note, what was that piece of cloth? From Riful's clothes perhaps? And the abyssal eaters' limiter has been lifted. That means, it's free for all from now on. Dietrich could get into trouble by helping the abyssal eaters. After all, these things could turn on her, too.
Ah, everything has become so interesting!