Sunday, March 28, 2010

Armed Librarians 26: Hamyuts vs. Ruruta

She's alive. And she is pissed.

EPISODE 26: Redemption, Perplexity and the Book Within a Book
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Inside Ruruta's desert world, he enters a cave and finds Ninieu there. However, before he could reach her, the cave starts to fall apart. He makes it outside safely but encounters Hamyuts Meseta, who is just thrilled to face him once again. Hamyuts attacks, Ruruta deflects and kills her easily. But Hamyuts' wounds heal and she just comes back again and again, forcing Ruruta to kill her over and over. It is soon revealed that Makkia has literally reprogrammed Hamyuts to take pleasure in pain and to actively seek her own death. In so doing, Hamyuts' soul cannot die. Then Ruruta discovers the hard way how Makkia changed Hamyuts into a weapon designed to kill him (Ruruta): Hamyuts' stone pellets brings Ruruta the same kind of pleasure he experienced the night he spent with Ninieu. The weapon succeeds in virtually incapacitating Ruruta. More so when Hamyuts summons the souls of those whose books Ruruta consumed and kills them one by one. As more and more souls are killed, Ruruta's powers are diminished. However, Ruruta manages to break free from Hamyuts' attacks and transfers all his remaining magic to Ninieu, who then casts a nullification spell and releases the Beasts of the Final Chapter. A heavily wounded Hamyuts finds her resolve shaken but unlikely allies in the person of Alme and Charlotte appear to help her out just long enough for her to escape and meet Colio, who reminds her that no one, not even Hamyuts Meseta, is ever alone. Meanwhile, Ruruta discovers the true depths of Ninieu's despair so that not even she can forgive him. At the same time, Lascall Othello decides to take a more active part in the grand events unfolding and wakes up Mirepoc, but at the cost of her own life. The newly wakened Mirepoc discovers Hamyuts' impaled body and Volken's book and prepares a plan to set things right in the real world. Back in the desert, Colio finds Ruruta and gives him a knife, saying that he (Ruruta) knows what to do. At the same time, Hamyuts reappears to challenge Ninieu once more but this time, she's brought company with her.


I know I said that I couldn't blog this episode but turns out there's been a slight change of plans, resulting in me seeing this episode and blogging it. Yay! Anyhoo, what an...episode. From the previews, I knew it was going to be exciting but I had no idea it was going to be this exciting. So that's why Hamyuts is a sadist. Makkia made her that way. What's more, he practically made her immortal by giving her a constant death wish. Ever heard of the adage that says the more you seek something, the more it eludes you? That's basically what Hamyuts is all about. Also, because she derives pleasure from dying, it seems that her soul just keeps returning for more.
It's brilliant that Hamyuts' stone pellets makes Ruruta feel soooo good (it's sexual pleasure, if the reference to Ruruta's night with Ninieu means anything) that he'd want it until he dies from it. I can see why Hamyuts' power works and Chacoly's didn't. Chacoly tried to make Ruruta fall in love with her which therefore pitted her against Ruruta's memory of Ninieu. She proved to be no match for that memory. On the other hand, Hamyuts doesn't try to match Ninieu or even remove her from Ruruta's memory. If anything, she makes Ruruta remember Ninieu more, which of course is what he wants. The only way to kill someone as powerful as Ruruta is to make him wish for his own death.
Now, for what Ninieu did to Hamyuts. She made her question her resolve to die. We already know that Hamyuts' "immortal" soul is anchored on the fact that she loves to die. This is possible because Hamyuts believes that she has no one and nothing to live for. But here, Ninieu argues that Hamyuts in fact has something to live for and that is love. Remember Mince's sacred eyes? Hamyuts' desire is love. Without knowing it, during her life, Hamyuts has not only witnessed love but has also experienced it through her subordinates and, of course, through Matt. Hamyuts was blind to this because of her death wish, and that makes her strong and hardcore. Now, by making her aware of it, Ninieu breaks away Hamyuts' shell to reveal the weak flesh inside. Hamyuts falters. She is no longer immortal. Then again, as some people say, it is when we are strong that we realize we are weak and it is when we are weak that we realize we are strong. In being weak, Hamyuts realizes her true strength: she is not alone. She has people on her side, people to live for, and therefore she cannot die. And so Hamyuts Meseta comes full circle and is all the more hardcore for it. :) 
BTW, I love Paku Romi. She's so awesome in those episode, even more so than the previous ones. Especially that line: "All those idiots who love me!" LOL
Mirepoc. I don't know what she can do at this point but I'm guessing her telepathy will come in handy in the finale. After all, Lascall personally chose her. It must be for a very good reason. I also don't know what Ruruta is going to do with the knife. But I was glad that Shiron appeared, if only as an apparition that exists inside Colio. heee
This was a surprisingly deep episode. Hence, the particularly lengthy exposition above. Now, I can hardly wait for the finale.